[PS Vita scene] Apollo Save Tool Vita v1.1.2 released

Published a quick update for Apollo Save Tool Vita , the app allows us to adequately manage the saves of the PlayStation Vita and the emulated PSP through Adrenaline .


The update adds the ability to export NoNpDRM licenses to zRIF while also featuring a new option for sorting savegames by name and by TitleID.


Game keys are required to decrypt PSP saves, you can download PSP save keys using Adrenaline with plugins SGKeyDumper and SGDeemer.

Copy the plugins to Adrenaline (in the directory ux0:pspemu/seplugins) and enable them using the restore menu. Next, run the PSP game and let it load/save so the plugin can download the key.

Once you download the key, Apollo Save Tool will detect it and use it as needed to decrypt, encrypt, patch or re-save your PSP.

Tip: If you have PSP save keys, use Apollo’s option Dump key fingerprinton PSP save, then share the file fingerprints.txtso that all these keys can be added to the next version of Apollo Save Tool.


  • Easy to use: No advanced configuration needed.
  • Standalone: ​​No computer required, everything happens on the PlayStation Vita console.
  • Auto Settings: Auto detect user ID and account ID settings.
  • Multi-user : Supports multiple user accounts.

Save management

  • Save file list: Quick access to all save files on USB and PS Vita internal memory (+ file details).
  • Save update param.sfo: Allows the user to update the user ID and account ID information of param.sfo.
  • Save File Patches: Full support for Save Wizard and Bruteforce Save Data cheat patches to improve your saves.
  • Save Import/Export: Allows the user to decrypt and export save files and import decrypted saves from other consoles.
  • Save Downloads: Easy access to an online database of save files to download directly to your PlayStation Vita.

Data folders

PS4 Folder
Saves to USB Files must be placed on /mnt/usbX/PS4/APOLLO/.
Saves to USB encrypted saves should be placed in ./mnt/usbX/PS4/SAVEDATA//
HDD saves Files will be scanned from your hard drive, based on your current user ID.


The use of  Apollo Save Tool Vita is simple and immediate:

  • Press   and   to select the save file you wish to apply to the patch and press the key  . The patches screen will show the available fixes for the file. Select the patches and click Apply.
  • To view the item’s details, press  . The context menu will open on the screen. Press the button   to return to the list.
  • To reload the list, press  .
  • Press the activation buttons   and   or   and   to move pages up or down.

Online databases

The application also provides direct access to Apollo’s online database for downloading PlayStation Vita game save files. These usually offer additional features like completed games which can save you many hours of gameplay.

Currently, the list of available games and files is limited, but the project aims to add more community-shared saves.


Question: Where can I find a save for game XYZ?
Answer:  You can check out sites like  Brewology.com  and  GameFAQs . Also, google search might help.

Question: I have a game save file that I want to share. How can I upload it?
Answer:  If you have a save file that is not currently available in the online database and would like to share it, check  this link  for instructions.

Question: Why is it called Apollo?
Answer:  Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis, goddess of hunting. Since this project was born using the  Artemis-GUI codebase , I decided to respect that legacy by naming it Apollo.



  • Export NoNpDRM licenses to zRIF ( User Tools).
  • New save sorting options ( Settings).
    • By Name, By Title ID.


  • Improved UI controls.
  • Download application data updates from the repository apollo-patches.

Download: SGKeyDumper by qwikrazor87

Download: Hellcat ‘s SGDeemer

Download:  Apollo Save Tool Life v1.1.2

Download:  Source code Apollo Save Tool Vita v1.1.2

Source:  twitter.com