[DS Scene] NINTV-DS v3.8 released

Published a new update for NINTV-DS (basically Nintellivision ), the Intellivision console emulator developed by the developer wavemotion-dave for the Nintendo DS/DSi portable console .

This new update partially improves memory management so as not to run out of memory on DS-Lite/Phat units. Also fixed audio channels and improved file parsing support .ROM.

A new menu now allows you to launch titles with specific hardware configurations, while the Game/Emulator Information screen now shows whether you are using DS Compatibility Mode (less RAM, slower CPU) or DSi Compatibility Mode (more RAM and faster CPU).


To work, place the file NINTV-DS.NDSon the flashcard or SD card. However, you must provide the BIOS files in the same directory containing the ROMs (they can be changed in Global Options):

  • grom.bin
  • exec.bin
  • ivoice.bin(optional, for Intellivoice games only).
  • ecs.bin(optional, for ECS games only).

Note: The GROM and EXEC binaries are proprietary to Intellivision and are not supplied with the emulator (you’ll need to get your own).


  • All known games run at full speed on a DSi or higher.
  • Many games run very close to full speed on older DS-LITE and DS-PHAT hardware, but you can play with the configuration settings to get the most out of these games.
  • Support for custom overlays. See folder extrafor details.
  • Support manual/instruction. See the folder extrafor an example.
  • Support for state saves (3 save slots per game).
  • High scores for up to 10 pre match scores with various sorting options.
  • Support for Cheat/Hack using NINTV-DS.cht(see the ‘extras’ folder and place it in the directory /data).
  • Tons of button/controller mapping options. Dual-Controller support (run and shoot simultaneously).
  • JLP support for accelerated features, additional RAM and flash memory. When loading a game, use the button to load and force activate JLP support if it is not automatically detected.
  • ECS support for ECS games, including sound-enhanced games like Space Patrol (uses ECS mini-Keyboard Overlay).

Types of controllers

  • From the emulator you can select either Player 1 controller or Player 2 controller. More importantly you can select ‘Dual Action A’ or ‘Dual Action B’. Dual Action A uses the disc/buttons from Controller 1 and the keypad for Controller 2 (perfect for AD&D Cloudy Mountain or Tron Deadly Discs ) Dual Action B uses the puck from controller 1 and the buttons/keypad for Controller 2 (perfect for Astrosmash , Buzz Bombers and any game that you move and shoot).

Missing/Known Issues:

  • ECS support is partial. No UART/cassette and minimal page flip handling (only 3 pages deep). You will be able to play all commercial ECS games including World Series Baseball , MindStrike , Jetsons and Scooby Doo Maze Chase . Each ECS game will allow you to use the Intellivision keypad to enter just enough keyboard information to launch the game, or you can choose the ECS mini-keyboard overlay. Larger homewbrew games with flipping/bankswitched will not work.


  • Improved memory management so you don’t run out of memory on DS-Lite/Phat and no more crashes!
  • ECS and extra cart RAM now into faster VRAM to improve performance.
  • Fixed audio channels so that PSG + ECS + Intellivoice can play well together (mostly for World Series of Baseball ).
  • Improved parsing support for .ROM: now checks CRC integrity and parses compatibility tags correctly so that more games run with the correct settings (Intellivoice or JLP or ECS, etc..).
  • New Game/Emulator Info screen to let you know if you’re using DS Compatibility Mode (less RAM, slower CPU) or DSi Compatibility Mode (more RAM, faster CPU).
  • For the DSi or higher we now support a much wider range of binaries (up to 512K) with page switching.
  • New menu to allow you to launch a game with specific hardware configurations. Use to load the game instead of (launch instructions are on screen).
  • Lots of minor improvements and cleaning over the time allowed.

Download: extras

Download: NINTV-DS v3.8

Download: Sourcecode NINTV-DS v3.8

Source: gbatemp.net