Published the first Android builds of the Vita3K emulator

New milestone achieved by the development team of the experimental Vita3K emulator , the program capable of running some titles of the PlayStation Vita console on Windows PC, macOS and Linux, now also arrives on Android devices.


Two releases published within a matter of hours. The youtuber BrutalSam wanted to test it, even if he did not mention anything about the device used.

The tests performed by BrutalSam also concerned some exclusives for PlayStation Vita (such as Uncharted , Sly cooper , shinobido, etc..) but it seems that they all stopped.

Minimum requirements

  • ARM64 device.
  • Vulkan 1.0 support.
  • Android 7+ (Note: If your device supports Vulkan 1.0, then it’s running at least Android 7).


  • You may need to clear the shader cache when switching between drivers.
  • Some games can take some time to install as they need to be decrypted. Do not close the application while installing an application.
  • Rear screen tapping is not yet supported. If a game requires it, a workaround for many of them is to enable PS TV mode (Settings -> System).
  • If the text you entered on the touch keyboard doesn’t appear, click it in the keyboard tip.

Useful links


  • Fixed on-screen overlay not working on some Android devices.

Download: Vita3K Android v2

Download: Source code Vita3K Android v2