[Scene Switch] Flycast Switch v2.1 released

Just over 5 months have passed since the last update of Flycast Switch , the Dreamcast emulator for Switch and Switch Lite consoles developed by developer flyinghead .


The Flycast emulator is very well known in the scene, the program allows us to run not only ROMs of the Dreamcast console , but also Naomi ,  Naomi 2  and  Atomiswave , and on a multitude of systems, from the most classic PC, to the Android system and on consoles Playstation Vita .


Flatpacks (Linux)

  • Install Flatpaks .
  • Install Flycast from Flathub :flatpak install -y org.flycast.Flycast
  • Run Flycast:flatpak run org.flycast.Flycast

Homebrew (macOS)

  • Set up Homebrew .
  • Install Flycast via Homebrew:brew install --cask flycast

Xbox One/series




  • Get new builds for your system within the builds page .


  • Full framebuffer emulation (Densha de Go 2, homebrew).
  • AppImage builds for Linux.
  • Automatic crash reporting with  Sentry .
  • Transmit arcade digital outputs (lights, force feedback) over the network.
  • Android keyboard support.
  • Various fixes and improvements to GDB, CPU graphs, Profiler by @BigEvilCorporation in #832 .
  • Texture Upscaling for iOS by @vkedwardli in #805 .
  • Many, many, many bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download: Flycast Switch v2.1

Download Flycast v2.1 (apk)

Download: Flycast v2.1 (ipa)

Download: Flycast v2.1 (Win64)

Download: Flycast v2.1 (x86_64.AppImage)

Download: Source code Flycast v2.1

Source: github.com