Run several emulators on the PlayStation 5 console through the mast1c0re exploit

Many will remember the Snes Station emulator , the program originally developed by the developer Hyryu  and inspired by the more famous  Snes9x for the PlayStation 2 console has seen a porting for the 4.05 firmware of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles .


At the time in 2018 (5 years after the launch of the console) homebrew could be counted on the fingertips, not having access to a real SDK, they relied on the PlayStation 2 console emulator which ran applications developed through the software developer PS2SDK kit .

On this idea the mast1c0re exploit was born , the intent was to bring homebrew applications to PlayStation 5 consoles , although the exploit seems to work on PlayStation 4 consoles as well .

Articles published by McCaulay Hudson and source code released within his own repository quickly led to the emergence of some emulators and other homebrew applications running on the PlayStation 5 console firmware 6.50 .

Markus95 showed and shared a version of the Pgen (Genesis/Megadrive) emulator that is compatible with both PS4 and PS5 consoles, it would also appear that the emulator can run on newer firmwares (and most likely upcoming beta firmwares as well) .


In order to run the emulator and other programs you need to get a legitimate copy of the usable game Okage Shadow King (you can buy it in the PlayStation Store) and a way to sign the game save file.

You can use the Apollo Save Tool on jailbroken PS4 or the Save Wizard tool (subscription) to sign your game saves , or you can ask a friend who has access to these tools to help you sign your save files.

The only drawback is that in order to buy a readable copy of the Okage Shadow King  game you need to update the console to the latest firmware, in contrast to what is recommended by hackers who believe that a lower firmware may be more vulnerable.

The game currently has a cost of approximately 10 euros / dollars, it is also interesting to note that the title is present within the Premium plan of the PlayStation Plus.



Note: This guide was made by Wololo, the original source can be found at this address .


  • A “Target” (non-jailbroken) PS4 or PS5 console on which you intend to run the exploit.
  • A jailbroken PS4 console.
  • An FTP client (e.g. FileZilla ).
  • A legitimate copy of Okage Shadow King (You will need a legal copy purchased on PSN, in order for it to work on the Target PS4/PS5 console).
  • McCaulay Hudson’s “Hello World” exploit file ( PS4 version / PS5 version <– Choose the right one depending on your target device).

How to create the exploit

PS4 save files (including PS2 games) are encrypted for the PSN account running them. This means that you need to encrypt your own version of the exploit to run it. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Run Okage Shadow King on your jailbroken PS4 console.
  2. Create a character and go to their bedroom in the game, where you can save your game (see Michael Crump’s video below for details), this will create your initial save data.
  3. From Apollo Save Tool, decrypt the save data. This will create decrypted versions of the save file, on the hard drive of the jailbroken PS4.
  4. From the PC running the FTP client, connect to the jailbroken PS4 via FTP and locate the decrypted files. There should be a file VMC0.cardin there. Replace that file with this version (just copy via FTP the exploited file from the PC to overwrite the one on the jailbroken PS4).


  • The ISO image of the PGen emulator for PlayStation 5 consoles can be downloaded from this address .
  • Choose and add your favorite ROMs using a tool like CDGen .
  • Build and run the Okage exploit so that instead of loading the Hello world string, it can use the save data ( VMC0.card) for the PS2 ISO loader.
  • Once the exploit has been performed on the PlayStation 5 console , send the ISO image of the emulator to the console by typing the command