[PS Vita Scene] Funky Smugglers Vita v1.0 released

Renegade developer brings Funky Smugglers to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles . The hilarious action puzzle sees us busy tracking down smugglers behind an X-ray scanner.


As in the Airport Security program , thousands of passengers will find themselves passing under the X-rays of the metal detector, and it is here that we will have to go into action by performing simple swipes to eliminate the objects in red, being careful not to touch the objects in green.



By maintaining the pressure of the finger on the first red object and dragging it we will be able to draw a trajectory to cover as many offending objects as possible, but always paying attention not to touch the green objects in order not to lose one of the three lives available to us.

After touching the first red object, a timer will start within which we will necessarily have to release the collected objects. Thus, while on the one hand we will be pushed to create combos with many red objects, on the other we will also have to deal with the hourglass.

Sometimes, to pass under the X-ray lens will not be funny passengers, but mini helicopters that will bring bonuses and power ups, such as the most classic of “slow motion” or extra lives.


Note: This wrapper has only been tested with version 1.06 as it is the only version still available for purchase on the Amazon AppStore .



To successfully install the game, you will need to follow these steps exactly:

  • Install the  kubridge  and  FdFix plugins  by copying the  kubridge.skprx e  files fd_fix.skprx into the folder containing the taiHEN plugins (usually  ux0:tai) and adding two entries to the file  config.txt below  *KERNEL:


Note: Do not install the plugin  fd_fix.skprx if you are already using the repatch plugin.
  • Optional : Install  PSVshell  to overclock your device to 500Mhz.
  • Install  libshacccg.suprx, if you haven’t already, by following  this guide .
  • Legally obtaining a copy of Funky Smugglers for Android in the form of a .apkYou can get all the required files directly from your phone  or by using an apk extractor which you can find in the play store. The apk can be extracted with the Zip extractor of your choice (ex: WinZip, WinRar, etc…) as the apk is basically a zip file. You can rename  .apk to  .zip to open them with the default zip extractor.
  • Extract the file libAndroidGame.sofrom the directory lib/armeabito  ux0:data/funky.
  • Finally, extract the folder assetsto  ux0:data/funky.

Download: Funky Smugglers Life v1.0

Download: Source code Funky Smugglers Life v1.0

Source: twitter.com