[PS Vita Scene] ViXEn v1.3.1 Released [Updated x1]

Published a new update for ViXEn , the plugin developed by the developer isage , once installed it will allow us to enable the XInput drivers on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV consoles .



XInput  is an API that allows applications to receive input from the Xbox controller, and not only that, more than 70 controllers are supported, from Mad Catz to Hori , Thrustmaster , Razer and Logitech , for the complete list of supported devices see here .

This new update, in addition to fixing a multitude of bugs, adds support for the particular Hori Mini Diva controller .


  • Support for up to 4 x wired USB input devices, original Xbox or PS3 devices, Logitech Rumblepad/DualAction controllers and Playstation Classic.
  • Support for up to 4 Xbox 360 wireless gamepads via 1 wired USB receiver.
  • Automatic shutdown of wireless controllers in sleep.


Note: The xbox 360 wireless receiver occupies all 4 ports on the gamepad, so you cannot use wired and wireless gamepads at the same time.



There are two versions of plugins: vixen.skprxand vixen_ds3.skprx. The second supports wired controllers similar to the DualShock 3.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind if you choose to install and use the plugin vixen_ds3.skprx.

  1. You need to make sure it’s the first plugin under *KERNEL.
  2. It will lose the ability to wirelessly pair DualShock 3 controllers on PlayStation TV. Then, if you need to, temporarily comment out the plugin.
  3. DS3 support is currently very unstable.


  • Download and copy the plugin vixen.skprx(or vixen_ds3.skprx) inside the folder containing taiHEN plugins (usually ur0:tai) and add the string ur0:tai/vixen.skprx(or ur0:tai/vixen_ds3.skprx) to the file config.txt below  *KERNEL:



  • Restart the console.
  • For the PlayStation Vita console you will need a USB Y-cable and external power. See this for example .


Question: Does it support joycon, Xbox One S, insert another wireless controller here ?
Answer: No. It only supports wired USB controllers . Yes, Xbox 360 is also wired (because you need the receiver) For wireless (bluetooth) use ds34vita , VitaControl or MiniVitaTV instead .

Question: Can I connect my Xbox 360 pad via charge’n’play?
Answer: No. Because it’s more charge than play. Does not support data. You need a wireless receiver.

Question: Do you support entering controller name here?
Answer: It currently supports many x-input devices and wired ds3 (or compatible with ds3). See here If your device isn’t in that list (or doesn’t show up as pad ds3 or xbox360), see this list if it’s in that list, I can add support. If not, then most likely I can’t do without such a device.

Question: Can I install it together with another input plug-in?
Answer: Generally not recommended. Most input plugins (ds34vita/vitacontrol) hook the same functions, conflicts will surely arise.


  • Added support for the Hori Mini Diva controller.
  • Fixed HID gamepads (hori, logitech, playstation classic) on PSTV.
  • Fixed battery information.
  • Fixed exit on Adrenaline.
  • Fixed settings crash from Adrenaline from quick menu.
  • No longer overrides the gamepad type of the connected ds3/ds4.
  • Fixed PS combo activation screenshot. v1.3.1

Download: ViXEn v1.3.1

Download: ViXEn DS3 v1.3.1

Download: Sourcecode ViXEn v1.3.1

Source: github.com