[PS3 scene] ps3netsrv-android v0.3 Alpha released

Published a new update for ps3netsrv-android , the app for Android devices developed by the developer JCorrêa  allows us to stream ISO images on PS3 consoles .



This program allows you to access ISO images stored or connected to an Android device (phone, tablet, Smart TV, etc.) from a PS3 console via WiFi/LAN connection.

The ISO image (PS3, PS1, DVD, BDISO) is mounted remotely as a virtual disk via multiMAN or webMAN MOD, so just start the game from the disk icon on the XMB like any game.

The update introduced all the NET commands and now it is possible to filter IP addresses through a specific list of allowed/blocked IPs (it is possible to add IP to filter settings).

Missing features from the original ps3netsrv still in development:

  • Multi-part ISOs.
  • Virtual ISO from “JB Games”.
  • encrypted ISOs.
  • Client IP Whitelist/Blacklist.
  • Limit the maximum number of clients.
  • Improve the interface, because it’s very ugly.


  • All net commands are implemented.
  • Allows you to filter IPs using the IP Allow/Block list (You can add IPs to filter settings).
  • Translations into Portuguese (BR) and English.
  • Improved error handling.

Upcoming features for the next release

  • Limit the maximum number of connected clients.
  • Allow the user to set a “read only” flag on the settings to disallow clients to create files and delete files on the server.


Note: The project is developed using only native Android/Java libraries, to avoid licensing issues.


Download: ps3netsrv-android v0.3 Alpha (APK)

Download: Source code ps3netsrv-android v0.3 Alpha

Source: twitter.com