[Scene Switch] Goldleaf v0.10.1 (+ Quark v0.4) Released

After more than a year , Goldleaf is back in the limelight again , the multipurpose tool developed by the developer XorTroll for Switch consoles and proves to be similar in some ways to FBI , the application includes various utilities, such as NAND/SD navigation, file installation NSP and content or ticket management.


This new update adds support for Switch and Switch Lite console firmware 16.0.1, while introducing a new menu for Goldleaf ‘s own settings , although it currently only supports custom language selection.

Also several fixes and improvements addressed in this release, dumpilg is now referred to as exporting and the exported contents will now go to the directory /exportinstead of /dump.

Starting with this release, Quark and Goldleaf will follow the same version numbering making the release less confusing.

Main features

  • Content explorer : An easy to use yet comprehensive filesystem browser.
    • Supported Locations/Devices:
      • SD card.
      • Console memory (SAVE, SYSTEM, USER and PRODINFOF partitions).
      • Remote systems (via remote tools connected to Goldleaf like Quark).
      • Game savedata (check below how to mount it).

      Note: Game saves will automatically be unmounted when you exit Goldleaf.

      • [Experimental, not fully stable]  USB drives (via fsp-usb, Atmosphere’s WIP extension)
    • Characteristics:
      • Basic file operations: Create, delete, copy, rename, view as hex/text, get size.
      • Basic directory operations: Create, delete, copy, rename, (not) set archive bit, get full size
      • Install NSP packages such as apps/games, updates, etc. (note: THIS CARIES RISK OF BAN!)
      • Launch other NRO homebrews.
      • Run file .binas RCM payload.
      • Set JPG/JPEG Files as User Icons (Note: THIS INVOLVES RISK OF BAN!)
      • // TODO
  • Content manager – an easy to use yet fully featured content manager:
    • Basic content operations (application / title, update, DLC, etc.):
      • View content information (ID, size, version, game stats…).
      • Completely uninstall/remove content (will not remove saved data).
      • Export to NSP package.
      • Mount save data to navigate (check Content Explorer above).
      • Remove the ticket if any (note: ONLY PLAY THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!)
      • Restore boot version (useful for being able to play a base game after removing an update)

      Note: Some of these operations are not available with system titles or gamecart titles.

    • Check unused tickets and remove them (note: ONLY PLAY THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!)
  • Web browser : Use the console’s web applet:
    • Browse user-submitted URLs.
    • Create and save bookmarks (used to quickly browse pages).
  • Account manager : Select a user (or use the selected one) and manage it:
    • Change nicknames.
    • Delete user (only if there is more than one in the system).

    Note: To change the user icon, select Content explorer above.

  • Amiibo dump : Create a virtual amiibo (for emuiibo) from a real amiibo figure.
  • emuiibo manager : Acts as manager for emuiibo:
    • Turn the emulation on/off.
    • Select the virtual amiibo as the active amiibo.
    • Connect/Disconnect the currently selected virtual amiibo.
  • Settings : Check system settings and Goldleaf:
    • Firmware and Updates:
      • Check current firmware information (version, hash, key generation).
      • Check for pending updates and remove them if any.
      • Export current firmware or pending update data.
    • Storage: Check free and total space in different locations.
    • Goldleaf Settings: Check the settings in settings.json.
  • Updates : Check for the latest updates of Goldleaf and if a new version is available, update it.
  • About : Check Goldleaf version and how it started (as applet or application)

Goldleaf is also translated into 6 different languages: English , Spanish , German , French , Italian and Dutch .


  • Common:
    •  –   –  : Move through the current menu.
    •  : Shows a dialog to close or restart the console.
    • : Show a dialog box with this control information.
    • : Exit the application to return to hbmenu.
  • Content explorer:
    • : Unmount the selected location (only when a saved data location is selected).
    • : Select folder (may take some time with folders with many sub-items).


NSP file installations

Always keep in mind that installing NSP files can lead to ban. If you use airplane mode and special DNS like 90DNS, there is less chance of getting banned.

NEVER install untrusted NSPs. Goldleaf doesn’t do any special verification, so make sure that what you decide to install was obtained from reliable sources.


Tickets represent the purchase of a game, but technically speaking, it is not possible to launch a title if the ticket is not present and the title requires it (official titles require them). NSP packets that do not have (nor require) a ticket are standard encrypted.

Goldleaf will show whether or not a ticket is present, and if so, it’s titlekey. Titlekeys are required to decrypt and access the content of titles that require a ticket. If not, they are indecipherable, so they cannot be reported by the system.

Quark and Remote Browsing

Quark is a PC tool, with an elegant user interface and made in Java, in order to help Goldleaf with the remote PC option. It should work on Windows, Linux or Mac.

For details on how to set up Quark and USB correctly, check out this little guide.

Spoiler: Quark and USB setup Select Show


  • Goldleaf supports customization of colors, resources and other options via a JSON file located in the Goldleaf folder: sd:/switch/Goldleaf/settings.json.


Via RomFs substitution, when Goldleaf tries to locate, for example, the Font resource romfs:/FileSystem/FileDataFont.ttf, if romfsReplaceit is true and romfsReplacePathis, for example, /switch/Goldleaf/testromfsGoldleaf will check if sd:/switch/Goldleaf/testromfs/FileSystem/FileDataFont.ttfit exists and use it if so, otherwise it will use that of RomFs.

Thus, through these configurations, you can use UI images, assets, element sizes, and even translations (using custom JSON translations), plus some additional assets that will be added in future updates.

Known bugs

  • Exiting Goldleaf via the HOME Menu (as NRO) seems to crash the system on 7.x firmwares due to a strange USB bug present on those specific versions. Any non-7.x firmware does not have this problem.
  • Apparently, after browsing (more than 4 directories?) and then browsing (specific?) empty directories, Goldleaf crashes. This problem is strangely common and needs to be looked into.



  • Updated with the latest libnx, it supports properly up to firmware 16.0.1.

Gold leaf

  • Fixed a bug where the location of multiple NSP installations was selected incorrectly.
  • Improved content menu navigation (exiting doesn’t suddenly take you back to the main menu, etc.).
  • Added support for Traditional Chinese.
  • Updated information on key generation (for the latest system versions).
  • Content menu options are now set correctly: Game card content now has the appropriate options and other fixes/improvements in the options code.
  • Dumping is now referred to as exporting and the exported contents now go inside the directory /exportinstead of /dump.
  • Added menu for Goldleaf’s own settings, currently only supports selection of custom language support and ignores required firmware versions on content installs.
  • Improved amiibo dumping, now allowing you to dump the amiibo application area (saved game) if it exists, and its mii in Legacy 3DS format.
  • Redesigned ticket menu (now all tickets are displayed, even used ones), added export support.
  • Fixed a bug where canceling URL text entry while browsing a webpage still attempted to open the web browser.
  • Added support for language specific icons in NSP installations so that Goldleaf now tries to find and show the icon corresponding to the language of Goldleaf (which is by default the system language).
  • Fixed invalid/nonsensical “game played by” values.


  • From now on, Quack and Goldleaf will follow the same version numbering: This will therefore be less confusing from now on. Therefore, Quark moves from 0.5 to 0.10.1 in this release.
  • No other changes have been made in this version of Goldleaf.

Download:  Goldleaf v0.10.1 (NRO)

Download: Quark v0.10.1

Download: Sourcecode Goldleaf v0.10.1

Source: Github.com