[PS4 scene] GoldHEN payload v2.4b13 released

A new beta update for GoldHEN has been released , the payload developed by the developer SiSTRo includes all the features of every single payload published to date and in particular also offers a convenient program for remotely installing packages on PlayStation 4 consoles .



The payload also features a very useful FTP server and a convenient binLoader, while it supports cheats and recently also game patches provided by modder illusion0002 .

An update that collects some fixes also addressed during the beta 10, 11 and 12, this means that three beta versions have been made in addition to this latest release.

There are two new entries in Debug Settings , Search Subdirectories and Show Package Path . There are also several improvements in the XML/SHN parser, the recently introduced Package Source feature in beta 11 and FTP auto-decryption.


  • Homebrew Enabler.
  • Debug Settings.
  • VR support.
  • Remote Package Install.
  • Rest Mode support.
  • Support external HDD.
  • Official support for external HDDs.
  • Trophy debugging support.
  • Patch sys_dynlib_dlsym.
  • UART Enabler.
  • Never Disable Screenshots.
  • Remote Play Enabler.
  • Blocking firmware updates.
  • FTP server on port 2121.
  • BinLoader server on port 9090.
  • Klog server on port 3232.
  • Fixed CMOS error CE-30391-6.
  • Integrated Cheat Menu.
  • Integrated FPS counter.
  • Plugin support.
  • TitleId label function.
  • Scanline overlay.
  • Internal support for installing PKG files ( /data/pkg) (Thanks to OSM).

GoldHEN Cheat Menu

Cheat Menu  allows you to open a menu during the game to select cheats.

  • Support  .json.
  • Support  .shn.
  • Support .mc4.

Important: Cheat Menu is currently experimental, use with caution. Report cheat-related issues to cheat authors.


  • Long press the  Share button  in the game to bring up the Cheat Menu.
  • Press   and   to highlight a trick.
  • Press   to activate or deactivate a cheat.


  • Use the server  FTP to upload cheat files to:
    • /user/data/GoldHEN/cheats/json/
    • /user/data/GoldHEN/cheats/shn/
    • /user/data/GoldHEN/cheats/mc4/
  • Naming convention: {titleid}_{version}.{format}
    • For example: CUSA001234_01.01.json
    • For example: CUSA001234_01.01.shn
    • For example:CUSA001234_01.01.mc4
  • Note:  Only one file format is currently supported for  titleid and  version.

Changelog v2.4b13

  • Improved xml/shn parser.
  • Directory /discand file $RECYCLE.BINare now skipped when searching subdirectories of pkg.

Changelog v2.4b12

  • Fixed USB subdirectory path.

Changelog v2.4b11

  • Corrected the “Search Subdirectories” function.
  • Improved the “Package Source” function.

Changelog v2.4b10

  • Improved FTP self-decryption.
  • Fixed cheat browsing after rest mode.
  • Added “Search Subdirectories” and “Show Package Path” functionality in debug settings.

Download: GoldHEN v2.4b13

Source: ko-fi.com