ARK-4 v4.20 released for PSP and PlayStation Vita consoles with support for Time Machine and Despertar del Cementerio

Published a new and very interesting update of ARK-4 , the Custom Firmware for PSP and ePSP consoles on PlayStation Vita consoles includes a whole series of unique and exclusive features.



ARK-4 features a complete rewrite and restructuring of the old code, with a more robust patching algorithm, the custom firmware works on any system based on version 6.6x of the original firmware (including all PlayStation Vita ePSP firmware).

This new version also includes Time Machine and Despertar del Cementerio , this means that ARK now also allows you to unlock PSP consoles and install and run firmware 6.61 from a memory stick.

Incidentally this release also includes a new compatibility layer known as Pentazemin which allows ARK to run within Adrenaline, creating a hybrid custom firmware capable of combining the functionality of both custom firmwares.


  • Strongly upgraded main system from traditional CFW with unique new features.
  • Inferno 2 driver compatible with all formats (ISO, CSO, ZSO, JSO, CSOv2 and DAX).
  • Custom PS1 Game Popcorn Controller. Compatible with PopsLoader V3 and V4i.
  • Stargate engine without built-in DRM. Compatible with qwikrazor87’s npdrm_free.
  • Plugin support for PSP games, PS1 games and VSH (XMB) games, including the ability to enable and disable plugins per game.
  • Region Free playback of UMD videos on all PSP models. Change the region of your UMD on the fly.
  • Compatible with all PSP models on firmware 6.60 and 6.61.
  • Compatible with all PS Vita models with firmware 2.10 up to 3.74, official firmware or Henkaku/h-encore.
  • Compatible with Test Tool Firmware 6.60 and Testkit drives.
  • Compatible with dev tool firmware 6.60 and Devkit drives.
  • Minimalist: Only 6 files installed on PSP flash, CFW extensions are installed on memory stick.
  • Soft-brick resistant, simply remove the memory stick to leave it in a vanilla state.
  • Custom game launcher with built-in game categories, file browser, FTP server and client, modernized look and more.
  • Fully configurable via XMB.
  • Improved and powerful recovery app.
  • Compatible with PRO Online and Xlink Kai.
  • Compatible with Legacy Homebrew via eLoader and Leda.
  • Compatible with cIPL and Infinity 2 bootloaders for permanent CFW.



  • Place the folder ARK_01234inside the directory /PSP/SAVEDATA/.
  • Place the folder ARK Liveinside the directory /PSP/GAME/.
  • Run ARK Live Loader . This tool will install the ARK modules on the PSP Flash memory and start the CFW.
  • To use Infinity, place the file EBOOT.PBP(or  EBOOT_GO.PBPrenamed to  EBOOT.PBPif using a PSP Go) from the folder Infinitylocated in the ARK download to /PSP/GAME/UPDATE.
  • Install Infinityusing official firmware, run ARK from Live Loader, then run again Infinityto configure autoboot. This will allow you to use ARK permanently and triple boot with PRO and ME.
  • You can also use the installer cIPLfor faster permanent CFW on 1K and early 2K models (Pandora compatible models).
  • If you will use the Live loader version of ARK instead of a permanent solution, we recommend that you delete the file FLASH0.ARKfrom the savedata file after the first install and start of ARK, otherwise the flash0 files will be installed every time you boot back to ARK and this is bad for flash even if ARK installs very small files. This will also make the live loader launch ARK faster.
  • To update ARK simply copy the new ARK_01234savedata folder and run ARK Loaderfrom OFW.

PS Vita

For those running Henkaku on firmware 3.60 .

  • Install an ARK-4 bubble for 3.60 using ArkFast:
  • Replace the saved data of ARK with the latest version.
  • Copy the file H.BINfrom the folder Vitabubbleto the ARK save data folder.

For in-game exploits on both PSP and PS Vita .

  • Considering the save data exploit, it is loaded H.BINfrom the save data path.
  • Copy all the files from the directory ARK_01234inside the game exploit save data folder:
  • Do not copy the file K.BINif running on older firmware.


By installing plugins

Plugins can be installed by creating a text file renamed in within the ARK save data PLUGINS.TXTdirectory and/or folder./SEPLUGINS/

  • Add a line of text for each plugin using the following format: game, ms0:/path_to_my_game_plugin.prx,  enabled pops, ms0:/path_to_my_psx_plugin.prx,1 vsh, ms0:/path_to_my_vsh_plugin.prx, true

Plugins can also be enabled on a per-game basis. For example, enabling lcscheatdeviceon GTA Liberty City Stories US Version:ULUS10041, ms0:/seplugins/lcscheatdevice.prx, on

  • You can use the keywords enabledon1or trueto indicate that the plugin is enabled, anything else will disable it. You can use the keywords gamepopor vshto run the plugin in the corresponding runlevel or the game ID for game specific plugins.
  • You can use the following keywords to tell ARK when the plugin is loaded: —- allalways: if one of these keywords is used, the plugin will always load. —- umd: The plugin should only be loaded on retail games (UMD/ISO/PSN). —- homebrew: The plugin should only be loaded on homebrew. —- game: The plugin can be loaded on both retail and homebrew games. —- pops: Plugin is only loaded in PSX games. —- vsh: the plugin is loaded only in the XMB. —- game ID: if you specify a game ID (e.g. SLUS000000), the plugin will load only on that game.

By configuring ARK

  • Create a file SETTINGS.TXTusing the same format as PLUGINS.TXTto enable/disable some features of the CFW on different parts of the system.
    • For example, you can overclock to full CPU speed like this: always, overclock, on.
    • Another example, only overclock games and use power saving on VSH: game, overclock, on vsh, powersave, on.
  • You can use the same runlevels used in plugins to tell ARK when settings take effect ( allalwaysumdhomebrewgamepopsvsh).
  • Configuration settings for ARK:
    • overclock: Use it for better performance at the expense of battery time. Set CPU/BUS speed to 333/166.
    • powersave: Use it for better battery life at the expense of performance. Set CPU/BUS speed to 133/66.
    • usbcharge: Enable USB charging wherever you want.
    • launcher: Replaces the XMB with a custom menu launcher.
    • disablepause: Disable the game pause feature on PSP Go.
    • highmem: Enable high memory on models above 1K. You should only use it on homebrew runlevels as retail games weren’t meant to use the extra memory and this can cause problems with cheat devices or other plug-ins that expect games to have their data at specific memory addresses.

Using custom launchers

You can also customize ARK using the “launcher” setting, which replaces the XMB with any custom launcher you have installed.

ARK includes a custom launcher, but many others have been created by members of the scene, some more beautiful, some with more features, some simpler, but all with personality, dedication and love from the community. Here is a list of all the most popular menus for ARK:

Note: Some of these menus have not been updated or supported by their developers for quite some time, they may not work well with modern ARK or real PSP hardware.


  • Ported Time Machineand Despertar del Cementerioup ARK, allowing you to unlock PSPs and install and run firmware 6.61 (plus ARK) on a memory stick.
  • Created the compatibility layer Pentazeminthat allows ad ARKto work within Adrenaline, creating a firmware personalizzato ibridothat combines the functionality of both custom firmwares. Note: Extremely experimental feature still in development and with known bugs.
  • Created a new VSH menu that combines both the simple VSH menu and the advanced VSH menu, no longer having to install it from a separate file to access its features.
  • Rewrote all static patches in PSP compatibility layer to dynamic ones, fixing any issues with Testkit and Devkit.

Release brought to you by Acid_Snake, Meetpatty and Krazynez.

Download: ARK-4 v4.20

Download: Source code ARK-4 v4.20