[Switch Scene] AIO-switch-updater v2.22.0 released

Published a new update of  AIO-switch-updater , the small homebrew for modified Nintendo Switch consoles that allows us to download and update the Custom Firmware, the firmware and the cheat codes.



AIO-switch-updater supports both Atmosphere and ReiNX Custom Firmware, as well as SXOS system. The app can also restart on a specific payload and change the color scheme on the Joy-Con.

Further color profiles can be found  in the releases  and must be copied to  config/aio-switch-updater/jc_profiles.json.

The latest version of the software has introduced several improvements and updates. The maximum string length for the on-screen keyboard has been increased, allowing users to enter longer texts without limitation.

In addition, the use of Webview to view the change log has been implemented, providing a better reading and browsing experience.

Among other things, a change has been made to the behavior of custom package downloads. Hekate download prompt is now disabled for custom packages starting with [PACK]. This change aims to improve the user experience when downloading packages.

Finally, an update of the Chinese translation has been made thanks to the contribution of qazrfv1234 . This means that users using the Chinese version of the software will benefit from a more accurate and up-to-date translation.

Make sure you update to the latest version to take full advantage of these changes and improvements.


  • Download the archive  .zip and extract the folder  aio-switch-updater to the SD card directory  /switch/ .

Features description

Update CFW

  • Update your Atmosphere custom firmware. AIO-Switch-Updater uses a custom RCM payload to finalize the installation as it cannot be run while HOS is running.
  • If you want to keep additional files or directories, write their path (one line each) in /config/aio-switch-updater/preserve.txtand they won’t be overwritten during the upgrade.
  • Put this file in /config/aio-switch-updater/copy_files.txtto perform specific copy operations after each download. This is primarily meant for trinket users who want payloads to be automatically copied to a directory.

Update Hekate/Payload

  • Download and update Hekate, plus a selection of RCM payloads.

Custom Downloads

  • You can enter a custom Atmosphere URL in this file. Once moved to /config/aio-switch-updater/custom_packs.json, it will appear in the menu Custom Download. This can be used to support third party packages via AIO-Switch-Updater. Non-Atmosphere downloads can also be added in the category misc.

Firmware downloads

  • Download the firmware files to  /firmware which can be installed using DayBreak.

Download cheats

  • Download and extract daily updated cheat code. The program will only extract cheat codes for the games you own. By default, this homebrew will overwrite existing cheats. If you have your own cheat files that you want to keep as is, you can turn off cheat updates for specific titles in  Tools->Cheat Menu.
  • Since v2.0.0, aio-switch-updater can also download cheat sheets from  CheatSlips.com.
  • Since v2.6.0, aio-switch-updater can also download single cheat codes from the GBAtemp database.

Extras (on the Tools tab)

  • Restart with a specific payload.
  • Download payloads in  /bootloader/payloads.
  • Change the color scheme of the Joy-Con software. Additional color profiles can be found in releases and should be copied to  config/aio-switch-updater/jc_profiles.json. Use  this web page  to generate your profiles.
  • Change the color scheme of the Pro Controllers software (must be paired as Player 1). Additional color profiles can be found in the releases and should be copied to  config/aio-switch-updater/pc_profiles.json.
  • See installed cheat codes.
  • Launch the Switch console’s web browser.
  • Change your Internet settings (DNS, IP address, MTU, etc.). Add your configurations to  config/aio-switch-updater/internet.json. You can find a template within the repository.
  • Tabs can be hidden via the Hide tabs menu and multiple entries can be hidden by manually editing  config/aio-switch-updater/hide_tabs.json.


Increase maximum string length for on-screen keyboard
Use webview to view changelog
Disable hekate download prompt for custom package downloads whose names start with [PACK]
Update Chinese translation (github.com/qazrfv1234 )

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Users are allowed to use this program only for lawful and worthy purposes that are in accordance with all laws, regulations and accepted customs in Italy and in any other legal entity from which you connect to this system.

Download:  AIO-switch-updater v2.22.0

Download:  Source code AIO-switch-updater v2.22.0

Source: github.com