Released key updates with significant fixes and improvements for the Vita3K emulator

The Vita3K emulator continues to make significant progress in its development, allowing users of Windows PC, MacOS, Linux and Android to run games such as Gravity Rush , Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Samurai Warriors .


Thanks to developers Zangetsu and Macdu , many problems have been fixed, such as the gyroscope causing a fixed black screen and rendering caused by a problem in MSAA (acronym for “Multisample Anti-Aliasing”).


For further specific details on these improvements in the Vita3K emulator , it is recommended to follow the links provided by the respective developers ( here the modifications made by Zangetsu and here those by Macdu ).

These links will offer more detailed information about the specific fixes and improvements made to the emulator and how they made it possible to run games like Gravity Rush , Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Samurai Warriors .