[Xbox One/Series Scene] XBSX2 v2.0.2 Released

Published a quick update of XBSX2 , the PlayStation 2 console emulator and port of PCSX2 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S  consoles developed by developer SirMangler .



This new release follows the 2.0.0 update, which was built on a clean, feature-rich foundation with no unnecessary changes or backports.

One of the main features of the XBSX2 emulator is the possibility to use resolutions scaled up to +4K, offering a level of detail never seen on a Microsoft console.

Furthermore, the emulator offers a wide range of configurations that allow users to customize the gaming experience according to their preferences.

This new update partially fixes the visual issues encountered in Gran Turismo and other games, and also adds the version number to the main menu.

XBSX2 has been updated to the latest revision of the PCSX2 emulator , which includes all changes and fixes addressed up to that point.

Note: It is recommended to use the question mark balloon at the top right of the main menu to discover the controls as these will be slightly different from what you normally use .

Improvements made to the original source code

  • Backported from PCSX2 to both the GameDB and various backend tweaks, this has led to some improvements like Spider-Man games now working with Hardware Renderer (don’t get too excited, they crash after a couple of minutes).
  • Lots of changes to UI elements, the settings page has been heavily changed so the location of most of the options make more sense, it also has a directory settings tab where you can set directories wherever you want.
  • Made a few changes to the control scheme, I’d recommend displaying the little question mark balloon at the top right of the main menu, but basically LB/RB can be used to jump between Game List entries, pressing Start on an entry opens the Game Properties menu and the Back button returns to the main menu instead.
  • Fixed loop settings issue caused by 2 options with the same name.
  • Changed the default font used by the app to one users should be more familiar with.
  • Changed how most OSD elements are displayed, FPS counter no longer has [G] and [V], FPS now only shows internal game FPS instead.
  • Changed the language used for things like switching to software/hardware renderer to not be as verbose.
  • Removed most of the options found in the Game Properties menu as broken.
  • Changed the placement of quick menu options to be more in line with something we’re all familiar with.


  • Fixed visual issues with Gran Turismo/other games.
  • Version number in the main menu.
  • Updated to the latest revision.

Known issues

  • Setting “Software” as a per-game setting causes the game to crash.
  • The OSD scale dialog sometimes randomly closes when entering numbers manually.

Download: XBSX2 v2.0.2 XboxSeries (AVX2)

Download: Cover PS2 for Xbsx2

Download: Sourcecode XBSX2 v2.0.2

Source: github.com