Amazon Giving away a bunch of games ahead of Prime Day sale

Amazon Prime Day will be July 11-12, but in the meantime, the retailer are kickstarting things with a bunch of Free games and goodies (including goodies for Diablo 4). Free games include Prey (currently ongoing), Star Wars The Force unleashed, and more. I can also confirm that personally I was able to get a free trial this year again, despite using one last year already 🙂

It’s simple: if you’re a Prime member, you get a few games + goodies for free (yours to keep even after your prime subscription runs out). To do so completely free, you can use their free trial, then cancel it in 29 days if you’re not getting any other benefit. You get to keep the games no matter what (Amazon hopes that you’ll like Prime enough to stick around after the free trial)

Disclaimer: this article contains affiliate links to Amazon. In particular if you get a Prime free trial through our links you don’t pay anything extra but we get a small commission.

Free Games via Amazon Gaming

Just like last year, Amazon are giving free games away to their Prime members. And there’s some really good stuff in there. You get to keep the games even when your prime subscription expires, so now’s the right time to give that Free Trial a chance. This will get you Prey today, and the following upcoming free games:

  • Prey – June 21
  • Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition – June 27
  • Shovel Knight: Showdown – July 6
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – July 10

Additionally, they’ll be giving away some content for popular games:

  • Overwatch 2: Redeem 5+ Tier Skips (available today).
  • Modern Warfare 2 +Warzone: Get the Track Rival Bundle that includes tons of cosmetics and Blueprints (available June 22).
  • Diablo IV: Get the Brackish Fetch Mount Bundle (available July 6).
  • Pokemon GO: Access exclusive Prime Gaming Timed Research for exclusive rewards (July 10).

This list adds to other games that are free for Prime members currently, and which you can also get as part of the free trial: Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition, SteamWorld Dig 2, and more.

Do I keep the Amazon Prime games even after my subscription expires?

Yup. Prey for example is a GOG download code, so that one is yours to keep 100% guaranteed, since it doesn’t come with DRM attached. But even for Games that use the Amazon App, here’s what Amazon’s FAQ say about them:

  • Q: What happens to  my game library if I cancel my prime membership?
  • A: You will still be able to download and play your games included with Prime you have previously claimed. If you would like to claim new games, you will need to have an active Prime membership.

How to get Free games from Amazon Gaming this month:

  1. Get a free Prime Subscription
  2. Get the games
  3. Set a reminder to cancel your free subscription in 29 days 😉

There will of course be more deals coming this Prime Day, including on physical games and accessories (possibly the best year to get an SSD for your PS5?), stay tuned.