PS Vita release: enso_ex 5.0 by SKGleba (CFW)


PS Vita Developer SKGleba has released an update for enso_ex, the Jailbreak tool for firmware 3.65. Enso_ex 5.0 improves in particular support for the PSTV (Vita TV). This release comes almost 3 years after the latest update, 4.5.1, which was in November 2020.

What is enso_ex for PS Vita ?

Enso_ex is an “Untethered jailbreak and CFW loader for PlayStation Vita/TV units on firmware 3.65”. The tool originally started as a mod of the original enso (permanent CFW for PS Vita, still used today), and offers more features than enso, for people who need them. Enso_ex offers the following features (from the readme)

Custom kernel loader

Provided is a kernel loader that replicates vanilla functionality with added support for a custom module list read from a text file.
Custom modules are loaded after the base kernel, but started before the base kernel – this allows the modules to function as ‘plugins’ and patch the base kernel in a pristine state.
The provided loader also passes a hooking/patching ‘API’ from enso_ex to the user’s custom modules, detailed in the developer readme.

Support for unsigned base kernel modules

In conjunction with enso_ex’s custom kernel loader, this allows the user to add their own *.skprx plugins to the base kernel.
It is also possible to outright replace base kernel modules with decrypted/unsigned alternatives.
By default, provided are two plugins – a homebrew enabler and a bootlogo replacer, their functionality is detailed later in this readme.

Code execution on the bootloader level

Before the kernel loader, enso_ex attempts to load and run a raw code blob from the os0 partition.
This is intended to be used as an enso_ex extension that alters core information or functionality such as Firmware version, ConsoleID, QA flags, security coprocessor behavior, etc.

SD2VITA-based recovery

Included is a bootloader-level recovery mechanism. When triggered, enso_ex will initialize and use the sd2vita as an emmc replacement, os0 replacement, or source of a recovery code blob.
This feature provides a safeguard against any kind of filesystem corruption, partition wipes, update failures, enso_ex bugs, and much more.
It also opens doors to more advanced mods and tinkering, such as hybrid firmware or ‘dual nand’.

Kernel module load/start errors are ignored

enso_ex “forces” base kernel boot, even if some modules fail to load or start.
This feature provides an additional recovery layer and unlocks the ability to boot vanilla firmwares of different types, such as testkit firmware on a retail unit.

Miscellaneous boot toggles

A few useful toggles, triggered by holding certain key combinations, are detailed in the recovery readme.

  • emuMBR: use a different block as MBR
  • bootarea write-lock: block writes to the MBR, bootloaders, and enso_ex
  • EMMC recovery: load and run a code blob from EMMC
  • Adi-os0: disable os0 init, useful in case of a serious misshap.

enso_ex: What’s new in 5.0

This release improves support for PS TV in particular. Full changelog:

  • added debug logging
  • added proper support for Playstation TV emulation mode on DevKits
  • added EMMC recovery and boot toggles
  • added basic SD recovery support for Playstation TV
  • major rewrite of most critical components
  • made the installer safer and faster
  • misc tweaks & bug fixes

Download enso_ex

You can download the latest release on the project’s github here.

To install enso_ex, you can follow our PS Vita CFW guide, replacing “enso” in the guide with enso_ex. More details in the readme here.

Source: SKGleba