PS Vita Emulator: Vita3K v7 for Android released, significantly improves Audio


The Vita3K team has released an update to the Android version of their emulator late last week. Vita3K v7 for Android brings multiple changes and bug fixes, but in particular improves on SDL Audio.

What is Vita3K

Vita3K is a PS Vita emulator. The official Readme describes it as “an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux and macOS.”, and now Android as well. The Vita3K emulator supports OpenGL and Vulkan.(Vulkan 1.0 required for Android)



The Android build has made significant progress since its initial release earlier this year. The devs have added OpenGL ES Support and improved touch support, among other things. Generally speaking, more devices should be compatible as the emulator makes progress.

Vita3K – What’s new in Vita3K Android v7

From the official changelog:

Android V7 changelog:

  • Fix SDL audio implementation and set it back as default
  • Fix some bugs with the Double Buffer implementation (I love non-coherent memory)
  • Implement surface sync and occlusion queries using double buffer
  • Disable game pausing as it causes device freezes and crashes
  • Improve Turnip driver detection, necessary for a driver bug workaround
  • Add a driver bug workaround for recent Adreno (non-Turnip) drivers
  • Fix ffmpeg android build (assembly optimisations were missing)
  • YUV texture uploading performance improvements
  • Mark Vita3K as a game, may help with some OS optimizations

PC rebase (non exhaustive list):

    • Macdu: Emulate macroblock tile sync, fixes the bloom issue in multiple games (Project Diva, Uncharted, Gravity Rush…)
    • Zangetsu: Allow gui to be navigated using a controller (also works with the overlay controller)
    • Zangetsu: Implement u3u2u2u8 texture
    • Macdu: Major rewrite of NGS (PS vita audio library), stub all missing modules
    • Macdu: NGS decoder fixes, fix audio noise in most games that had this issue
    • bookmist: Implement missing kernel functions
    • Macdu: Improve support of stencil attachment without depth, fixes the DOF effect in Persona 4 Dancing
    • Zangetsu: Fix bug with platinum trophy
    • Saturnsky: Many improvements with the Jpeg encoder and decoder, fixes many visual novels
    • Macdu: Multiple shader fixes, allow World of Final Fantasy to go ingame
    • slipcounter: Fix bugs with guest printf function and ngs check, fixes crashes in some specific games
  • Zangetsu: Add option to disable shader compiled notification
  • Macdu: Implement shader interlock (only matters if you are using a desktop GPU)
  • Macdu: Implement timer events, allow Zanki zero to go ingame
  • Zangetsu: Rewrite save dialog gui
  • ExtremeExploit: Multiple net fixes
  • Zangetsu: Implement register manager

This update significantly improves the SDL audio backend and also contains many other audio fixes. If you are updating from a previous version, switching to SDL for audio may fix some small remaining audio issues.

The Vita3K team have shared multiple videos showcasing the latest release of the emulator. As you will see, depending on the game, things are not playable yet on your regular phone, but we’re getting there.

Download Vita3K