PS Vita Release: McPixel3 (port by Rinnegatamante) – FuHEN contest entry


More entries for the FuHEN PS Vita Homebrew contest today, starting with another port by Rinnegatamante. I believe this is the developer’s 5th entry in the competition already! McPixel 3 is a point and click adventure game, ported from the Android version

What is McPixel3 for PS Vita

McPixel 3 is a point and click adventure game centered around the titular pixelated character McPixel, a parody of MacGyver, who is tasked with the objective of “saving the day” by using objects and finding solutions in the environment around them. Puzzle solutions are often absurdist and nonsensical, forcing the player to interact with and combine objects using trial and error to see what happens.

From the developer:

This is a wrapper/port of McPixel 3 for the PS Vita.

The port works by loading the official Android ARMv7 executable in memory, resolving its imports with native functions and patching it in order to properly run. By doing so, it’s basically as if we emulate a minimalist Android environment in which we run natively the executable as is.


Download and Install McPixel3 for PS Vita

As a reminder you will need a hacked PS Vita to run homebrew games. Hacking your PS Vita is a super easy and safe process nowadays (our guide here).

Installation instructions

From the developer:

    • Install kubridge by copying kubridge.skprx and fd_fix.skprx to your taiHEN plugins folder (usually ux0:tai) and adding two entries to your config.txt under *KERNEL:  *KERNEL
        ux0:tai/fd_fix.skprxNote Don’t install fd_fix.skprx if you’re using rePatch plugin
    • Optional: Install PSVshell to overclock your device to 500Mhz.
    • Install libshacccg.suprx, if you don’t have it already, by following this guide.
    • Install the vpk from Download button.
    • Obtain your copy of McPixel 3 legally for Android in form of an .apk file.
    • Open the apk with your zip explorer and extract the file to ux0:data/mcpixel.
    • Extract the content of the assets folder from the .apk inside ux0:data/mcpixel.

About FuHEN (PS Vita Homebrew Contest)

FuHEN is a homebrew contest for the PS Vita with more than $1000 in cash prizes. You have until September 22nd to submit your homebrew to the contest. Check their official site here for details.

Source: KyuHEN/FuHEN