PlayStation Portable getting a bunch of scene tools updates


The PSP is alive and well for many homebrew enthusiasts. Following the recent breakthrough that allowed unbricking info to see the light of day for PSP Go*, multiple tools have been updated recently to handle a bunch of new use cases. If you still use your PSP, or were thinking of getting it out of its drawer, have a look at these tools which got a recent update:

Chronoswitch Fork updated to 7.2

Chronoswitch is a PSP Downgrading tool originally created by Davee. The Zett has a fork of the tool, which he has recently updated to version 7.2. This new version has the following changes, compared to Davee’s latest change (which was in 2019).

Version 7.2:

  • Removed ‘factory firmware limitation’, which prevented certain PSPs from being downgradable at all or limited them from being downgraded to certain firmwares they theoretically support.
  • Chronoswitch now detects your PSP’s motherboard alongside its model and allows flashing all firmwares (5.00+) that are supported by it.
  • Removed support for downgrading 09g units below 6.30.

Version 7.1:

  • Added experimental support for 07g units on 6.6x.

On the “controversial” decision to remove downgrade options for 09g below 6.30, The Zett says:

We decided to remove the 6.20 support for 09g due to a few reasons: – It was a hacky workaround (turned your 09g into a ‘fake 04g’) – FW 6.20 on 09g was slightly unstable (standby mode) – It was cumbersome to re-update to 6.3x+ – It’s redundant nowadays, just use 6.6x + Infinity. If for whatever reason you still want to go to 6.20 on a 09g, just use the older versions of Chronoswitch 🙂

Download Chronoswitch

Source: The_Zett

PSPIdent Updated to 1.0

Developer yoti has updated pspIdent to 1.0. PSPIdent gives you important hardware information about your PSP, in particular which Firmware and motherboard you’re running. This can be important information you’ll want to keep (most tools will do the detection for you, but you might want to keep the information handy).

PSP Ident 1.0 is rewritten from scratch, compared to the older versions from a decade ago.

Download pspIdent

source: Yoti


* AFAIK Unbricking a PSP Go still requires additional software tools, but my understanding is that Despertar Del Cementario and Time Machine are currently being updated by Davee.