PS5 Firmware 8.00 is here (and why, as always, you should think twice before you update)

Sony just released PS5 Firmware 8.00. This is a massive update with lots of features following a lengthy beta test. PS5 firmware 8.00 Brings support for Dolby Atmos, up to 8TB for M.2 SSD, and much, much more. As always, if you’re hoping to get a PS5 Jailbreak one day, I advise against updating, while realizing it become more and more difficult to resist.

Sony have also sneaked a PS4 11.00 Firmware with this release, and my opinion not to update the PS4 is similar, although with a nuance (read below)

PS5 23.02-08.00.00 – What’s new


The official changelog for this new firmware update is, as expected for a major version update, quite extensive. Specifically, from the official changelog:

Version: 23.02-08.00.00

  • Dolby Atmos® is now supported, and you can enjoy 3D audio on HDMI devices that support Dolby Atmos.
    • Enjoy an immersive audio experience with your supported HDMI device while playing PS5 games that support the Tempest 3D audio technology.
    • Media apps that support Dolby Atmos can now deliver the spatial sound experience with your supported HDMI device.
    • To turn on Dolby Atmos, go to Settings Sound Audio Output > Audio Format (Priority), and then select Dolby Atmos.
  • You can now use an M.2 SSD with a maximum capacity of 8 TB to expand storage space on your PS5.
  • The screen reader now supports Turkish, Swedish, and Portuguese (Portugal).
  • The Access controller is now supported.
  • You can now use an assist controller.
  • You can now assign a second controller to a user who’s logged in to your PS5 as an assist controller. This allows you to use the main controller along with the assist controller to control your PS5 as if you were using one controller.
  • To use an assist controller, go to Settings Accessibility Controllers Use Second Controller for Assistance, and then turn on Use Assist Controller.
  • You can use an assist controller when using a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller, or a PS5-supported third-party controller as the main controller.

Other updated features

Game Base

  • You can now easily see which of your friends are in an activity you can join under the Friends tab.
  • The joinable icon will be displayed next to friends who are playing a game you can join.
  • You can join a friend’s game directly by pressing the options button and selecting Join Game, or by selecting Join on their profile card.


    • When someone’s sharing their screen in a party, you’ll now see a preview of their Share Screen. You can find this in the Parties tab.


    • You can now start a private party without creating a group.
    • You can now invite players who aren’t group members to a private party.
    • You can now send party invitations to groups, in addition to individual players.
    • You can now react to messages with emojis.
    • It’s now easier to access media shared in your groups. Select Shared Media from the options menu in the messages card.
    • The usability of cards in the control center has been improved.
    • Activity cards have been improved. When multiple activities are in progress, the newest one will appear as a standalone card in the control center. The consolidated activities card will also continue to be displayed.
    • Game Help cards have been improved.
    • In addition to in-progress activities, you can now see available, previously available, upcoming, and completed activities.
    • When a card is selected, its details are now displayed on the right side of the card, making it easier to find objectives and their corresponding hints.


    • The console navigation experience has been improved.
    • When moving the cursor while navigating the console, the sound effect you hear when you reach the point where you can’t move any further is now more pronounced and noticeable.
    • You can now get haptic feedback through vibrations on your controller while navigating your PS5. Go to Settings Accessibility Controllers, and then turn on Haptic Feedback During Console Navigation.
    • In the game hub, you can now see how many tournaments you’ve entered and the highest place you’ve achieved.
    • On the player profile screen, you’ll now see Most played games.
    • In game library, you can now search for games just within your game library.
    • Browse useful tips for getting the most out of your PS5 and learn about new features in the new Discover Tips section.
    • Go to Settings Guide & Tips, Health & Safety, and Other Information > Guide and Tips, and then select Discover Tips to view all the tips.
    • Simplified Cangjie has been added to text input methods for Chinese (Traditional).


    • To use the Simplified Cangjie input method on the on-screen keyboard, go to Settings System Language Input Language > Chinese (Traditional), and then turn on 速成.
    • To use it on an external keyboard, go to Settings Accessories Other Accessories and select Chinese (Traditional) for Type, and 速成 for 輸入法.
    • You can now mute or adjust the volume of the PS5’s beep sound when turning it on or off, or putting it in rest mode. Go to Settings System Beep Sound.
    • To adjust the beep sound volume, select Volume.
    • To mute the beep sound, turn on Mute Beep Sound.
    • The video output information screen displayed in Settings Screen and Video > Video Output has been redesigned to make it easier to view.
    • To see your current resolution, color format, and HDCP version, select Current Video Output Signal.
    • To see the support status of HDR (high dynamic range) and VRR (variable refresh rate) for each of the available frequencies for your HDMI device, select Information for the Connected HDMI Device.


  • Voice Command has been improved.
  • The help content of Voice Command has been improved.
  • You can now navigate between help content pages using Voice Command.
  • Help content will be hidden after some time has passed.
  • If you say “What’s new?” via Voice Command on any screen, you can now check for new PS5 features and the latest information about PlayStation Plus.
  • Currently, Voice Command (Preview) is only available in English for players with accounts for PlayStation Network in the US and UK.
  • The PS5 QR code login screen has been redesigned. The QR codes are now much larger.
  • We’ve updated the device software of the DualSense wireless controller, DualSense Edge wireless controller, PlayStation VR2, and PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers to improve stability.
  • We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screens.

PS4 11.00 – What’s new

Sony sneaked a silent update for PS4 as well, version 11.00. The previous generation’s console is now getting mostly minor updates, and even for a major version, there’s not much to go with this one, as the PS4 is clearly nearing the end of support from Sony.

  • You can now sign in to your PS4 console without a password with PS App.
    • On your mobile device, scan the QR code to sign in, just like for PS5. Some authentication actions can also use push notifications on PS App.
  • You can now see emoji reactions to messages.
  • We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screens.

Should you update your PS4/PS5?

As always, if your goal is to jailbreak your console, you should simply not update. The recent history of PlayStation hacking tells us so: people who keep their console up to date do not get the Jailbreaks.

There hasn’t been any significant rumor or announce related to a PS4 or PS5 Jailbreak in a while, with Firmware 9.00 for PS4 being the latest and greatest that can be Jailbroken, and PS5 still technically not being fully Jailbroken on any firmware, although firmwares up to 4.51 included do have access to a Kernel exploit ( which isn’t sufficient nowadays for a full Jailbreak). Of note, hacker TheFloW has recently stated that his BD-JB exploit works on firmware 7.61, and it is safe to assume 8.00 as well.

However we know historically that the lower your firmware, the higher your chances of getting a Jailbroken console in the future.

As always, the decision is yours, but updating, in general, lowers your chances of getting a Jailbreak down the line

In an ideal world, you would have 2 consoles: one that you keep on a low firmware for a Jailbreak (or buy a low firmware one if you can find it – tips for finding a low firmware: PS5 /PS4), and one that you keep up to date in order to play your current gen games and access PlayStation online services. I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s how things are. This is however the best idea in my opinion for PS4 at the time Being. PS4s running on firmware 9.00 or lower are reasonably cheap nowadays and relatively easy to find. At this point I think hoping for a new PS4 Jailbreak is not worth the effort, compared to just buying a second PS4.