PS Vita Release: Vita Reckoning by Edemfancypants – FuHEN contest entry


Another original game entry for the FuHEN PS Vita Homebrew contest, Vita Reckoning is a “Vampire survivor” inspired game, by developer Edemfancypants.

The FuHEN contest is technically over, but there has been a stream of releases over the past few weeks, and I haven’t been able to keep up! I’m trying to slowly catch up to all the releases that have been done for contest, so bear with me.

What is Vita Reckoning for PS Vita

From the developer:

An amateurish little game, inspired by Vampire Survivors I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

Expect bugs and slowdowns.

Overclocking is not necessary, but heavily recommended to avoid single digit frames in later waves.

Download and Install Vita Reckoning for PS Vita

As a reminder you will need a hacked PS Vita to run homebrew games. Hacking your PS Vita is a super easy and safe process nowadays (our guide here).

Installation instructions

Install the .vpk. One and done.

About FuHEN (PS Vita Homebrew Contest)

FuHEN is a homebrew contest for the PS Vita with more than $1000 in cash prizes. Submissions for the contest are over, and the voting is going on until October 5th. Check their official site here for details.