PS Vita Release: Siren Head Dating Sim by Raycx86 – FuHEN contest entry

PS Vita Release: Siren Head Dating Sim by Raycx86 – FuHEN contest ent


Another port for the FuHEN PS Vita Homebrew contest today, Siren Head Dating Sim, by Raycx86. Yeah, that’s a thing 😀

The FuHEN contest is over and votes are ongoing, but there’s been a stream of submissions to the contest in the last days of the event. I’m trying to slowly catch up to all the releases that have been done for contest, so bear with me.

What is Siren Head Dating Sim for PS Vita

Siren Head doesn’t have to be scary. Maybe you could be dating him and discover more about him. Ever thought about that? Yeah, me neither, but apparently some people have.

From the developer:

Have you ever looked at Siren Head and think “Man. I sure would love to date him.”


EzoicCheck out Siren Head Dating Sim to have a magical day with Siren Head!

Just make sure you don’t get killed.

WARNING!: This game has loud sounds.

Siren Head made by: Trevor Henderson
Original link :
Port made by: Rayc


Download and Install Siren Head Dating Sim for PS Vita

As a reminder you will need a hacked PS Vita to run homebrew games. Hacking your PS Vita is a super easy and safe process nowadays (our guide here).


Installation instructions

Install the .vpk as usual with VitaShell

About FuHEN (PS Vita Homebrew Contest)

FuHEN is a homebrew contest for the PS Vita with more than $1000 in cash prizes. Submissions for the contest are over, and the voting is going on until October 5th. Check their official site here for details.