Release: Aiseirigh – A universal Unbricker for every PSP!







PSP hacking scene veteran and developer Davee has finally released Aiseirigh, a universal PSP unbricker that supports every PSP model! If used alongside a BaryonSweeper, Aiseirigh can unbrick any PSP and fully restore it to system software 6.61.

Aiseirigh (pronounced: ash-er-eye) is a word from the Scots Gaelic language and means resurrection, so it fits right in with older pandora and unbrick tools such as Despertar del Cementerio.
If etymology is not your cup of tea and instead you are more interested in the technical aspects of Aiseirigh, be sure to head over to Davee’s Github, where you can explore the in-depth details of Aiseirigh’s source code!

Requirements for using Aiseirigh:

To use Aiseirigh you will need to own or download the following things (available here):

The Aiseirigh IPL can be injected via certain PC programs, such as RainsIPL tool (Windows), or by running the PSP Tool homebrew on your PSP and utilising its various memory stick options.

The official documentation included with Aiseirigh should be able to guide you through the installation and usage process.

Additionally, as you need a way of entering the PSP’s service mode, you will most likely need a physical BaryonSweeper and the pysweeper software, as those are mandatory if you’re using a PSP 3000, PSPgo or PSP E1000 (the old PSP 1000 and all PSP 2000s may use an old-school Pandora Battery instead).

Pysweeper software and BaryonSweepers for PSPgo, E1000 and 1k, 2k, 3k (click to expand)

Keep in mind that there are currently 3 separate types of BaryonSweepers, one for each of the different methods of entering a PSP’s service mode, so be sure to get the correct one for your model:

As we mentioned in the last blog post, the BaryonSweepers can be either purchased from dedicated private sellers (such as Peter Lustig on Twitter) or you can simply craft them yourself, following the instructions available on the PSPDev Wiki.

Some Final Words:

Thanks to Davee’s Aiseirigh Unbricker one of the last few frontiers of PSP hacking has finally been conquered!
Gone are the days of accidentally turning your PSP into a permanent paperweight and alongside Infinity 2, Davee’s previous release, you can also enjoy custom firmwares without the hassle of having to manually boot into them.

Even though the PSP has not really been relevant in the last decade, being overshadowed by its big sister the PS Vita and other portable devices, it still fills me with joy when I see that there is some new development for this trusty old handheld.
Other than bringing full custom IPL support to the 04g+ devices, what else is there to conquer about the PSP?! 😉

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