(chep game ) UnlockSwitch will cost $29.9 (but some points remain unclear). In parallel, the team is allegedly working on a game dumper

MIG Switch are feeling the heat, with UnlockSwitch, announcing that their upcoming clone of the piracy flashcart will be sold for $29.90 (less than half the price of MIG Switch). But…

MIG Switch vs UnlockSwitch : the story so far

MIG Switch is a Flashcart device for the Nintendo Switch, that essentially allows you to load pirated games on an SD card, and play them on any Nintendo Switch. The device comes with significant limitations (including a risk of getting one’s console banned) but some on the scene consider it a viable alternative to hacking your Switch. (Again, a vastly superior – also much cheaper – option in my opinion since it gives you homebrew and Custom Firmware, but on most Switch consoles nowadays this requires soldering).

UnlockSwitch is a rumored clone of the MG Switch, yet to be released. The UnlockSwitch is planned to sell for $29.90 (formerly announced for $39), significantly undercutting the MIG Switch (which costs between $60 and $100 depending on the retailer).

MIG Switch have stated that the UnlockSwitch review units seen so far are actually re-skinned MIG Switch Units. They “questioned” why someone would do that, accusing UnlockSwitch of being a scam. UnlockSwitch Later replied to those accusations in a lengthy documents, which I covered here. It is pretty clear that UnlockSwitch will mimic some functionality of the MIG Switch, but where all their code came from is still unclear.

The device has yet to hit retail, so the dust still needs to settle on this.

Game Dumper in the works by UnlockSwitch team

The UnlockSwitch Team have announced that they are “closely looking” at a hardware solution to Dump Nintendo Switch games (nicknamed “The eXtractor”). Such a ROM dumper eliminates the need to own a hacked Switch to dump your own games, and MIG Switch are selling one of those already, although most units still have to arrive in the hands of customers.

UnlockSwitch announced for $29.90, but some points are unclear

Although the dumper is interesting news, UnlockSwitch still have to deliver on their actual MIG Switch flashcart clone.

Recently, following a poll on Twitter, they have announced their flashcart will sell for $29.90, and plan to give more details by the end of this week. Here’s what they said yesterday (emphasis mine):

Quick reminder before the presentation of the UnlockSwitch first final version on X scheduled for next weekend (hopefully).

The official case will be transparent, and we will share 3D files. New PCB design.

Switch on/off feature is present on the case. No more cartridge ejection manipulation.

Our solution comes with its programmer on a USB type-C port (no additional fees).

File conversion directly with the UnlockSwitch Programmer Software. (We’ll provide further updates on that later.)

No code will be included in the hardware. (We’ll provide further updates on that later.) The end customer will flash the UnlockSwitch themselves.

An additional option will be revealed during the presentation in photos and videos of the final product (no official date announced). New micro SD reader.

A lot of text for very few details here at the end of the day, but here’s the other statement that I have questions about (emphasis mine):

Keep in mind, it will be sold blank, and the end customer will need to flash it.

“ By the time the files are leaked online ”

What does “by the time the files are leaked online” actually mean???

It reads to me as if the plan here is to sell “empty” MIG Switch clones, and let users (or the scene) figure out themselves how to retrieve the MIG Switch Firmware. I mean, that’s usually how clones work, except the clone companies pre-flash the system with a copy of the original firmware.

I’m scratching my head as to what kind of cat and mouse game Unlock Switch are playing here. Do they plan to “leak” the MIG Switch files from another channel? Do they expect someone else on the scene to do it once their hardware solution is ready? What’s the point?

And that statement raises additional questions from their other statement. What kind of “File conversion” is needed in their process? Is this conversion of the MIG Switch Firmware to their own firmware? Or something else?

Ultimately, are UnlockSwitch just asking users to pay $29.90 for a PCB with a couple of chips on it, with absolutely no hacking logic in there? And if so, is there value in that? I mean, possibly, but I’m still extremely confused, and very eager to see what they have to announce later this week. Stay tuned.

Source: UnlockSwitch

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