(chep game ) MIG Switch fight back against UnlockSwitch, announcing a V2 version of their flashcart. Insider info on some of its upcoming features

MIG Switch team have just announced a “V2” of their flashcart device for the Nintendo Switch, in the context of their clone competitor UnlockSwitch announcing another price cut and “more info” planned for this weekend.

Scene members DeadSpecimen and Nick Moses over at Nick’s Youtube channel have some insider info on the features of this MIG Switch V2, namely an long awaited “button” to change games (the current model requires you to constantly eject the cartridge to cycle through games)


  • UnlockSwitch have announced their clone of the MIG Switch will sell for $29.90, but a lot of questions remain on this yet-to-be-seen clone.
    • They also said they started working on a game dumping device
  • MIG Switch have just released v1.1.4 Firmware for their device, and used the opportunity to announce a V2 version of their flashcart is upcoming
    • Insider rumors tell us the V2 will have a button to swap games
    • Personal take: announcing a v2 when a lot of people haven’t even received the v1 they paid for, now that’s rich. One possibility is that MIG Switch are trying to stay on top of the marketing race initiated by UnlockSwitch
  • Both teams plan to announce more on their respective devices over the weekend
  • For those interested, as I type this, DeadSpecimen and Nick Moses are discussing this piece of news live on youtube here

MIG Switch vs UnlockSwitch – the story so far

MIG Switch is a Flashcart device for the Nintendo Switch, that essentially allows you to load pirated games on an SD card, and play them on any Nintendo Switch. The device comes with significant limitations (including a risk of getting one’s console banned) but some on the scene consider it a viable alternative to hacking your Switch. (Again, a vastly superior – also much cheaper – option in my opinion since it gives you homebrew and Custom Firmware, but on most Switch consoles nowadays this requires soldering).

UnlockSwitch is a rumored clone of the MG Switch, yet to be released. The UnlockSwitch is planned to sell for $29.90 (formerly announced for $39), significantly undercutting the MIG Switch (which costs between $60 and $100 depending on the retailer).

There’s been an ongoing “marketing battle” between the two manufacturers, with MIG Switch accusing the (yet to be released) UnlockSwitch of being a scam, and UnlockSwitch replying with more price discounts and features announcements.

It is worth emphasizing that UnlockSwitch, as of this writing, hasn’t yet hit retail and could still very much be an elaborate prank. This isn’t to say that MIG Switch is a perfect product, quite the contrary. Setting aside the limited usefulness of the device to being with (it is limited to piracy and doesn’t enable any homebrew or customization on the console), the MIG Switch release has been crippled with delays, bait & switch issues (whether from MIG Switch themselves of from retailers), and more. Some people are just receiving now MIG Switch carts they ordered in January. Other customers simply never received theirs.

To give the MIG Switch team credit, their product works as advertised, and those who ended up receiving it are generally satisfied with what it gives them.

Price battle, announcements, and buttons

Recently, UnlockSwitch announced their MIG Switch clone will sell for $29.90, a price significantly under the $60+ being asked for MIG Switch. They also stated they will reveal more about their own flashcart by the end of the week.

It’s in this context that MIG Switch announced their own “V2” flashcart is coming soon, and that they will have more info available this weekend.

On a side note, I, and other news outlets on the scene, play right into the hands of these two groups, allowing their products to stay relevant for way much longer than they actually deserve. People have suggested that UnlockSwitch is actually MIG Switch themselves, and that this whole drama is a simple marketing strategy to get me and others to talk about them. And frankly, this might be true. Oh well.

According to some insider source who contacted Nick Moses and DeadSpecimen, the MIG Switch V2 will include a button to swap games. Specifically, short press and long press will allow to cycle forward and backward through the games installed on the SD card.

And that’s really all we know so far on these upcoming announcements. It’s of course “interesting” that MIG Switch plan to do their own announce on the same weekend as UnlockSwitch…

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