Orbis Suite for PS4 Homebrew Development by OSM-Made (OldSchoolModz)

Proceeding the PKGDT Suite of PS4 PKG Backporting Tools, developer OSM-Made (@oldschoolmodzhd aka OLDSCHOOLMODZ on Twitter) recently updated Orbis Suite with PS4 6.72 Jailbroken Console support for PlayStation 4 homebrew development alongside an Orbis Suite preview video from his YouTube Channel below. :geek:

Download: Orbis Suite Beta (Latest Version) / GIT

From the README.md, to quote: Orbis-Suite

A suite of tools used for developing things on a jailbroken PS4. As well as an included DLL for creating 3rd party C# applications using the OrbisLib API.


API for remote target control

  • Memory Read/ Write
  • Remote Procedure Calls
  • Loading / Unloading SPRX Libraries to Userland Processes
  • Loading ELF’s to Userland Processes
  • Jail/Unjail Userland Processes

Comprehensive Debugger

  • Breakpoints / Watchpoints
  • Register Management
  • Memory view and dumper
  • Instruction Disassembly
  • StopCode Decoding
  • Process Management (Stop/Start/Single Step/Step Over/Step Out)
  • Process Thread Management
  • Customizable Debugging environment

Module Management

  • Load/Reload/Unload SPRX Libraries to Userland Process
  • Load ELF to Userland Process
  • Dumping Userland Processes and Libraries
  • List of loaded Libraries in Userland Process
  • File browser

Taskbar Application

  • Add/Manage saved Targets
  • Open Various Orbis Suite Apps
  • Manage Power state of console
  • Load/auto load payload
  • Set Taskbar app to auto load on windows boot

Console Output

  • Read UART/Socket Prints from remote Target

Orbis Neighborhood

  • GUI for managing saved Targets

SPRX Helper

  • Easily implement automatic fsign and ftp sprx for debugging

C# DLL for easy 3rd party application Development using API

  • Full access to API calls and features
  • Remote Procedure calls

Future Features

  • Callback for Remote Procedure Calls
  • module loader for games (auto load modules for games on start up with config to tell what to load)
  • module loader for boot (auto load kernel modules on boot. or maybe like a vsh sprx)
  • Remote video feed of screen and or screen shot feature

Preview of SPRX modules on PS4

Orbis Suite Preview

Orbis Suite for PS4 Homebrew Development by OSM-Made (OldSchoolModz).jpg