PSVita Releases: Zanki Zero English Translation Patch & HEX-Flow Launcher providing a Coverflow-like experience while browsing your games!

Recently, the PSVita is back in the spotlight again thanks to Rinnegatamante and TheFlow actively porting Grand Theft Auto III to the console! However, other stuff in the console’s scene is also going and in this article, we’re going to look at the release of an English translation patch for Zanki Zero & HEX-Flow Launcher.

Zanki Zero English Translation Patch for the PSVita released

Thanks to Nightwinter, Zanki Zero can now be played by Western audiences on the PSVita!

As the PSVita had much more success in Japan than in Europe/North America, a swath of titles were released only in Japan with them never receiving an English version. However, a good deal of these titles received an English localisation sometime after their initial Japanese release for other platforms such as the PlayStation 4 and PC which allowed for the creation of numerous English translation patches making more games available to Western audiences.

Now, yet another title has received the English translation patch treatment and this time, it’s Zanki Zero with Nightwinter creating the patch! For those who have never heard of the game, Zanki Zero (: Last Beginning) is a dungeon crawling game featuring 8 individuals stranded on an island after Earth was destroyed. The title was originally released back in 2018 in Japan with PS4/PC English localisations following in mid-2019. Moving over to English translation patch, its creator mentions the following important information:

  • The version 1.05 patch needs to be installed
  • Most of the game is translated but there are some overlapping issues together with some images not being translated
  • If needed, it is recommended to use 0syscall6 instead of ref00d as it’s now outdated

In order to grab the translation patch, you may follow this link to its GBATemp Thread which contains the download link. You also need to have the rePatch plugin installed to make use of the patch.

HEX-Flow Launcher: A coverflow-like launcher for the Vita out for the public

HEX-Flow launcher allows you browse your Vita games using a coverflow-esque interface! (Image from GBATemp Thread Linked)

Moving over to a homebrew release, VitaHEX is at it yet again and this time around, HEX-Flow Launcher has been released publicly! As its name suggests, HEX-Flow Launcher is a Lua-based homebrew utility allowing one to browse the games (or apps) they have installed on their PSVita using a coverflow-esque interface while also launching them. The launcher also allows one to view game details and to sort by category among some other things!

In order to put in cover photos for your favourite games, you can simply copy PNG images within “ux0:/data/HexFlow/COVERS/PSVITA/” with a filename that either matches the game’s TITLEID or name. The launcher’s background is also customisable by copying a ‘Background.jpg[/png]’ file within “ux0:/data/HexFlow/”. A resolution of 256×256 and 1280×720 (or smaller) is suggested for the cover photos and custom background respectively

You may read more about HEX-Flow Launcher by following this link to its GBATemp Thread which also contains download links.


Other News

Other than the releases mentioned in this article, the Vita has also seen further good news regarding its upcoming homebrew Grand Theft Auto III port with Rinnegatamante reporting that stuttering at boot and micro-stutters during gameplay have been fixed while mouth animations in cut scenes are now working fine. Rinnegatamante also managed to get GTA: Vice City up and running but he notes that for such a port to be released, the re3 engine being used would need to be updated with full support for the title.