PSVita: Grand Theft Auto III port by Rinnegatamante & TheFlow released – Performance pretty good staying above the 20FPS mark all the time!

Just a mere 10 days ago, news broke that Rinnegatamante & TheFlow were porting Grand Theft Auto III to the PSVita with the project being in earlier stages. However, progress in the Vita scene sometimes moves at a lightning-fast pace and now, a fully working and playable Grand Theft Auto III port is out for everybody to enjoy!

The Vita’s Grand Theft Auto III port

Grand Theft Auto III is now running pretty well on the Vita thus finally granting the console a native GTA title! (Image from VitaDB)

The PlayStation Vita’s Grand Theft Auto III port is based upon the re3 engine which is a open-source reverse-engineered game engine for the game. Initially starting their porting with the Switch’s re3 engine port, Rinnegatamante and TheFlow managed to make swift progress over the last week with the port going from not being able to display any 3D graphics to now being fully playable with only very minor issues being present.

Performance-wise, Rinnegatamante states that game never drops below the 20-24 FPS bar which provides an experience pretty close to the PlayStation 2 version of the game which runs at 25 or 30FPS depending on the console’s region. Thanks to this, the PlayStation Vita finally has a fully playable native Grand Theft Auto title running on it which will surely make a good deal in the community happy!

How do I play GTA III on my Vita?

As GTA III isn’t a free game, you have to provide game files yourself then you have to decompress the audio files within (Image from VitaDB)

As Grand Theft Auto III is not a free game, you have to supply the game files yourself by extracting them from the PC version of the game which can be legally obtained on Steam for around $10 although cheaper legitimate routes may also exist. After obtaining the files, the process in a nutshell has you decompressing the audio files, installing the FdFix plugin by TheFlow, copying the data files to your console then installing the VPK and required data files which will take a bit of your time.

Due to the process not being as easy as installing a mere VPK file, Samilop Cimmerian Iter went ahead and wrote an officially sanctioned installation guide which you can access by following the link below. This guide also contains instructions on how one can use HD models from the XBOX version of the game. After installing the game, it is highly recommended to set the following settings in the Options menu:

  • Frame Limiter: Off (removes 30FPS limit)
  • Trails: Off (effect doesn’t work properly)
  • PostFX: Off (removes color washing filter present in the original game)
  • Screen Format: Auto (allows the game not to appear stretched)


You may read more about the Grand Theft Auto III port for the PlayStation Vita & PSTV by following the link below to it PSX-Place Release Thread. Samilop Cimmerian Iter’s installation guide has also been linked so that you can get the game up and running easily.

GTA III for Vita PSX Place Release Thread:

GTA III for Vita installation guide:



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