Emulation: mGBA 0.8.4 released with more accurate emulation, fixes to the 3DS port and much more stuff!

If you ever dabbled in GameBoy Advance emulation, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard of mGBA as it’s an emulator that strives for both good performance, even on lower-end hardware, and high accuracy. Now, mGBA 0.8.4 has been released and in this article, we’ll be looking at what it packs in!

What is mGBA?

Emulation News: mGBA gets Hi-Res mode which allows 3D games to be run at higher resolutions, David Miller working on porting more emulators to the PlayStation 4 including Reicast/PCSX-R and Yuzu (Switch emulator) receives Boxcat which allows for dynamic content addition!

With mGBA, you can make games look better, be less frustrating or simply play them on a bigger better screen!

Even by just reading its name, one can quickly conclude that mGBA is a GameBoy Advance emulator but it can also emulate the original GameBoy and GameBoy Colour. With developer endrift at the helm, this emulator has been around since late 2014 and ever since, it’s managed to amass a pretty decent user-base thanks in part to its multi-platform support with official ports existing for Windows, Linux, macOS, the 3DS, PSVita, Switch and even the Nintendo Wii.

Other than supporting a good deal of platforms, mGBA also comes with an arsenal of useful features including save states, Super Game Boy & GameBoy Camera support, the ability to upscale 3D sprites thus making games look better and even Discord Rich Presence support among others. All this managed to make it one of the go-to GameBoy Advance emulators thus cementing its place in the emulation community!

What does mGBA 0.8.4 bring along?

mGBA 0.8.4 is a pretty minor release with mGBA 0.9.0 supposedly coming in Late 2020 as per emulator’s timeline – mGBA 0.9.0 should bring along support for custom borders and more!

While mGBA 0.8.4 is yet another minor update in the mGBA 0.8.x series, it does bring along some appreciated stuff including:

  • Numerous rendering and audio-related fixes both when it comes to GBA and GB(C) emulation
    • Among these, stereo audio in XQ mode has been fixed
  • The 3DS version of the emulator no longer causes the console to crash on exit while video-syncing was also redone to be more accurate
  • A memory leak when loading ELF files was fixed
  • Window texture generation on AMD GPUs is now faster when emulating the GameBoy Advance
  • Some other issues were fixed including incorrect language setting on macOS


You may read more about mGBA 0.8.4 by following the link below to its release post found on the emulator’s official website. To get mGBA 0.8.4, simply follow the download link and choose your preferred platform.

mGBA 0.8.4 release post https://mgba.io/2020/10/29/mgba-0.8.4/

mGBA 0.8.4 download link: https://mgba.io/downloads.html

mGBA’s Patreon (monetary donations): https://www.patreon.com/mgba