PSVita Release: Double Tap 2 Sleep Plugin Released by Joel16 – Comes with status bar & whole screen variants!

The PlayStation Vita scene has a peculiar on-off cycle where sometimes, we don’t see releases for a while then we get a flood of notable releases. To illustrate this, just a few days after a native GTA III port was released, we got a Double Tap 2 Sleep plugin by Joel16 which we’ll be looking at in this article!

What is Double Tap 2 Sleep?

If you’ve ever used a Custom ROM on an Android device, then chances are you’ve already encountered some form of Double Tap 2 Sleep functionality.

Prefer putting your console to sleep by simply double-tapping on the screen? If so, Joel16 has got you covered!

For those who haven’t, Double Tap 2 Sleep is quite self-explanatory as it’s a nifty little feature letting you put your device to sleep by simply double tapping the status bar.

Now, Joel16 has brought this functionality to the PSVita continuing his trend of Android/CyanogenMod-inspired homebrew offerings. In order to do this, he created a user-mode plugin titled dt2s-vita which comes in 2 flavours namely:

  • A version that only puts your Vita to sleep when double tapping the top part of the screen which corresponds to where the status bar is in LiveArea
    • This variant is named “dt2s-statusbar.suprx”
  • A version putting your Vita to sleep regardless of where you double tap. Joel16 generally doesn’t recommend this version as it could easily result in accidentally putting your console to sleep
    • This variant is named “dt2s.suprx”

How do I install Double Tap 2 Sleep (dt2s-vita) on my console?

As dt2s-vita is a taiHEN user-mode plugin, installing it is pretty easy!

As dt2s-vita is simply a user-mode plugin, installing it on your console is fairly simple and can be done by following these steps:

  1. Grab your preferred version of dt2s-vita by following the download link below
  2. Copy the suprx file you downloaded to either ux0:/tai or ur0:/tai depending on your setup
  3. Open your taiHEN config.txt and add the plugin’s path under the *main section (put it under *ALL if you want to use it in games as well – under *main, it only functions in LiveArea)
    • An example of the line you’d have to add is “ux0:tai/dt2s-statusbar.suprx”
  4. Reboot your console and enjoy!


You may learn more about dt2s-vita by following the link below while a download link is also provided.

dt2s-vita README (more information):

dt2s-vita GitHub Release Page (downloads):