PlayStation 3: Sony releases Firmware 4.87 for their 14 year old console – HFW 4.87.1 is already out with SEN Enabler already being updated to spoof FW 4.87

For some reason, Sony decided to follow Nintendo’s lead when it came to issuing updates for discontinued consoles as Firmware 4.87 has just been released for the PlayStation 3 following a firmware update for the 3DSIn this article, we’re going to take a look at Firmware 4.87 together with the hacking community’s swift efforts at catching up!

Sony releases Firmware 4.87 for the PlayStation 3… and it can already be spoofed!

PlayStation 3: Sony releases Firmware 4.87 for their 14 year old console - HFW 4.87.1 is already out with SEN Enabler already being updated to spoof FW 4.87

To celebrate the console’s 14th birthday, Sony released the seemingly meaningless FW 4.87 update (Source)

Perhaps as a late birthday celebration after the PlayStation turned 14 on November 11, Sony released Firmware 4.87 for the console which comes as a bit of a surprise seeing how it was fully discontinued over 3 years ago. Similar to every PlayStation 3 update for quite some time, Firmware 4.87 doesn’t bring much of anything to the end-user with its change log merely stating that “This system software update improves system performance” meaning that the only thing it did was up the firmware requirement for PSN usage.

On the topic of PSN usage, you obviously don’t need to install FW 4.87 or a CFW based upon it to go online since SEN Enabler has already been updated to be aware of this new firmware. With SEN Enabler 6.2.7 (download link below), which was released yesterday, it is now possible to spoof FW 4.87 on your CFW-capable PlayStation 3 console. Those using units that are not CFW-capable will have to make use of other firmware spoofing methods such as through webMAN MOD.

Joonie releases HFW 4.87.1 and PS3HEN update coming soon

HFW 4.87.1 is already out meaning that PS3s on all firmware are already exploitable but PS3HEN & CFWs still need to get updated

As Firmware 4.87 doesn’t really come with many changes, Joonie was able to quickly release HFW 4.87.1 which is based upon this firmware. For those who are unaware, HFW or Hybrid Firmware is a modified firmware for the PS3 that is identical to OFW but contains the web browser from Firmware 4.82 which is vulnerable to exploits which could be used to hack all PlayStation 3 units. HFW can be installed directly from OFW on any PS3 console meaning that no downgrading or flashing is required to get your PS3 hacked!

When it comes to PS3HEN (i.e. hack for non-CFW capable consoles), Joonie stated that an update will follow shortly as the FW 4.87 kernel is identical to that of FW 4.86. As of right now, no FW 4.87-based CFWs seem to have been released although it’s likely we’ll see something eventually as FW 4.86 got its own fair share of CFWs despite being released this year.


As usual, the advice of waiting a bit before updating holds especially seeing how there are no CFWs for FW 4.87 and PS3HEN is still incompatible with the firmware. You may check out Sony’s partly change log for the new firmware and grab SEN Enabler 6.2.7 & HFW 4.87.1 by following the links below.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 Firmware Download Page:

SEN Enabler 6.2.7 Release Post (FW 4.87 spoofing for CFW-capable PS3s):

HFW 4.87.1 Release Thread (+ download link):