Switch News: SX OS 3.1.0 Beta released with OFW 11.0.0 support & MissionControl 0.4.0 letting you use a DualSense controller on your Switch together with FW 11.0.0 support!

It seems that Team Xecuter is still in the game despite some of their members being arrested and SX Core/Lite facing numerous legal issues as they’ve just released a new version of SX OS. In this article, we’re going to look at the release of SX OS 3.1.0 Beta together with MissionControl 0.4.0 which lets you use the DualSense controller on the Switch!

SX OS 3.1.0 Beta released with Firmware 11.0.0 support

SX OS 3.1.0 Beta has been released meaning that Team Xecuter is still around despite the law hitting them hard

After the law came down on Team Xecuter following their release of the SX Core & SX Lite modchips, which allow one to hack the Switch v2 & Lite, their future seemed a tad uncertain with rumours floating around that they might be out of the Switch hacking scene. However, these rumours have now been officially dispelled to the delight of SX OS users as SX OS 3.1.0 Beta has just landed meaning that Team Xecuter is still alive and kicking.

According to the official change log, SX OS 3.1.0 Beta brings along:

  • Support for Firmware 11.0.0, which was released early last week
  • Support for the Fast RAM feature used by Flycast and other emulators like melonDS is now supported
  • It is now possible to perform chainloading with Mariko BEK
  • USB XCI loading has received some improvements

Download links for SX OS 3.1.0 Beta may be found on the official SX OS download website.

MissionControl 0.4.0 released with support for the DualSense controller, FW 11.0.0 compatibility and more!

Similar to plugins on the PSP & PSVita, custom sysmodules can add system-wide functionality to the Nintendo Switch including the ability to listen to music in background, overclock the system and with Mission Control, use unsanctioned controllers in a wireless fashion.

Fancy using your PlayStation 5’s controller on your hacked Switch? Well, now you can 🙂

Released by ndeadly back in August, MissionControl has since seen various updates improving controller support and more with MissionControl 0.4.0 bringing along:

  • Support for 7 new controllers including:
    • Sony’s DualSense controller bundled with the PlayStation 5
      • Only basic support (i.e. button input) is supported as of right now
    • Steelseries Nimbus
    • Razer Serval
    • Mad-Catz C.T.R.L.R
    • PowerA Moga Pro
    • iPega 9017s
    • Mocute 050
  • The 8BitDo Zero controller now functions better as incorrect button mapping was fixed
  • The GameSir G3s controller in Android mode is now detected properly
  • Unique lightbar colours for the DualShock 4 when there are 5-8 players have been added
    • Player 5 is cyan
    • Player 6 is orange
    • Player 7 is yellow
    • Player 8 is purple
  • A ‘toolbox.json’ file was added for compatibility with the Hekate/Kosmos Toolbox and ovl-sysmodules
  • MissionControl 0.4.0 only works with Atmosphere 0.16.0 or newer


You may grab MissionControl 0.4.0 by following the link below to its GitHub Release Page. Its developer ndeadly may be supported financially on Ko-Fi which allows small donations to be sent as a token of appreciation for their work.

MissionControl’s GitHub README (pairing instructions): https://github.com/ndeadly/MissionControl/blob/master/README.md

MissionControl’s GitHub Release Page: https://github.com/ndeadly/MissionControl/releases

ndeadly’s Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/ndeadly