PSVita: DaedalusX64 0.6 released with significant performance improvements in Nintendo 64 games, Turkish & Russian translations and more – TheFlow ports 3DS dynarec improvements

For a pretty long time since the PSVita got hacked back in 2016, one of homebrew community’s most popular demands was a Nintendo 64 emulator. Then, in May of this year, a functional DaedalusX64 port that was able to play many of the console’s popular titles was released and now, version 0.6 is out with some pretty significant improvements!

What is DaedalusX64?

DaedalusX64, released for the Vita in May, is the first and only N64 emulator for the console providing playable performance

As the title suggests, DaedalusX64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator that saw its way onto the PlayStation Vita earlier this year thanks to efforts by Rinnegatamante and MasterFeizz among others. Based on the 3DS version of the emulator, the PlayStation Vita version contains an ARMv7 dynamic recompiler that is key to providing a pleasant experience in various titles including the ever-popular Super Mario 64, Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart 64 among others. Other than simply providing good performance, DaedalusX64 for the Vita comes with a touch-screen supporting interface based upon ImGUI, the ability to use save states, an implementation of vFlux (similar to f.lux), support for bi-linear filtering and more.

Furthermore, an official compatibility list for the emulator, based on community reports, is also maintained and can be found here. This list mentions that over 220 games are playable as of writing this article with a little under 250 titles getting in-game or being unplayable.

What does DaedalusX64 0.6 bring along?

Feel like playing some Mario Kart 64 on your Vita? DaedalusX64 has you covered 😉

DaedalusX64 0.6, which was released yesterday, is a pretty significant update to the emulator performance-wise with its release post mentioning:

  • Various improvements to the dynamic recompiler have been implemented which made some titles progress from being unplayable performance-wise to running at full-speed!
    • These improvements were originally implemented in the Nintendo 3DS version by cmf028 but then, TheFlow ported them to the PlayStation Vita
    • The improvements include optimisation to various instructions, making code double-buffered, adding some missing instructions and more
  • A Russian translation was added by nekita13
  • A Turkish translation was added by rewold20
  • A Vita-specific issue was fixed in which DaedalusX64 crashed when being opened from other applications presumably homebrew launchers
  • Not setting “Wait Rendering Done” no longer causes graphics to get corrupted in some titles
  • Some other stuff including the nightly updater being separated from the stable releases updater and more


You may grab DaedalusX64 0.6 for the Vita by following the link below to its VitaDB download page. More information on the update can be obtained from the PSX-Place or GitHub links below.

DaedalusX64 0.6 VitaDB Download Page:

DaedalusX64 0.6 GitHub Release Page (change log + alternative download link):

DaedalusX64 0.6 PSX-Place release post (more information):

Rinnegatmanate’s Patreon (financial support):