PS4 7.02 exploit: Sleirsgoevy working on a port of the Synacktiv webkit exploit (release)

Screenshot from @ThisIsMyTHandle

Hacker sleirsgoevy has been working on a 7.02 port of the PS4 Synacktiv webkit exploit released a few days ago. If that port ever gets to a reasonable success rate, it could be combined with TheFlow’s kernel exploit on 7.02, to bring a full PS4 Jailbreak for 7.02 to the scene.

As of Sleirsgoevy’s latest update, the current version of his port works around 10% of the time. When it doesn’t work, you have to run the hack again, so a 10% success rate might not be “releasable” yet (in particular, if, when coupled with a kernel exploit, it could increase the instability of the process), but there’s a possibility things could improve fast. The hacker has been hard at work to fix issues as they arise.


Some scene members are reporting success while trying this webkit exploit.





Keep in mind that as long as this isn’t coupled with the kernel exploit, this isn’t super useful for most people. With that being said, you can download this PS4 7.02 hack at the address below to try it. In order to run it, you’ll need to host the files on a personal web server, then access your server’s IP from your PS4’s browser.

At this rate it could be a matter of days before a PS4 Jailbreak is released for Firmware 7.02.

Download PS4 7.02 Webkit Exploit

Download Sleirsgoevy’s work in progress on the dev’s github here: