4.87.2: Evilnat’s CFW (COBRA)

Following the recent release of SEN Enabler the developer behind the homebrew app @Evilnat, decided to create and release a Custom Firmware (CFW) for 4.87. So now we have the first CFW appear from a trusted source and properly vetted. Evilnat’s 4.87 CFW is powered by the COBRA 8.20 payload, making it a Cobra CFW. Cobra CFW comes equipped with additional out of the gate like background loading of plugins, ISO Support and various other features and pathes offered to the Standard Custom Firmware that allow for homebrew execution and various other abilities. ​


  • 4.87.2 EVILNAT COBRA
    Only for full CFW consoles, it doesn’t work with HEN

    :home: Enjoy and merry christmas! :treedance:


    • Made out of 4.87 OFW
    • Made manually without automatic tools
    • SEN / PSN enabled
    • Can be installed over 3.55 OFW
    • Can be installed over any CFW CEX
    • COBRA 8.20 added and enabled as default
    • Possibility of Downgrade from any CFW with active QA Flags
    • QA Flags active if previously enabled
    • Disabled Epilepsy Message on Boot
    • ReactPSN compatibility
    • RSOD Screen Bypass
    • PS3_GAME / app_home
    • XMB In-Game Screenshot
    • Added Package Manager
    • CoreOS Hash Check patched to prevent Brick on non-dehashed Downgradate consoles
    • Patched to remove LV2 Protection
    • Peek & Poke (LV2)
    • Peek & Poke (LV1)
    • CINAVIA protection disabled

    Tested in:

    • CECH-2000A
    • CECH-2500A
    • CECH-2501A
    • CECH-2504A
    • CECH-1000
    • CECH-L04
    • CECHA01
    • CECHE01
    • CECHB01
    • CECHG01
    • CECHP01

    Finally I want to thank the help of @nice69@Reeeepti, @zecoxao, @DeViL303, @nice69, @Oscardavidalta6@SOS_VZLA_LIBRE, @Coro, @RetroFan_90, @SpyroMancer, @raidriar, @Brandon Stump, @Xploiting, @thejavigames, @nhie07 and @telurkelinci for testing the CFW, I hope I do not forget anyone

Download: CFW EVILNAT 4.87.2 COBRA [CEX]

MD5: 69F7F3A5DE1F85EFD8E79E8122C73D05