PS4 7.02 full stack exploit (user + kernel) released, Mira and Homebrew support in progress

(download links at the bottom of the article. Bear in mind that this is work in progress, with homebrews reported as not working for now)

Scene developer SocraticBliss has published an implementation of the PS4 7.02 Kernel Exploit, combined with Sleirsgoevy’s port of the recent webkit exploit. In parallel, Sleirsgoevy has been working on his own integration of the Jailbreak + Mira support, but reports that homebrew does not work at the moment.

To rephrase: if you own a PS4 running on firmware 7.02, there are now exploit releases floating around that give you kernel access, but not what people would consider a usable jailbreak yet. Once again, it is probably only a matter of days, if not hours, before a jailbreak usable by most people gets released.

One important caveat here is that the webkit exploit itself (the entry point to gaining control of the console) has a low success rate (reported to be 10% so far), which means that launching the exploit involves a lot of “reloading the page” on the PS4 browser (some people reported getting it to work after no less than 30 retries), at least for now. This could improve if people look at ways to improve the reliability of the webkit exploit.

I wouldn’t call the current releases “usable” for the end user, but people with the right set of skills might want to give a look, to either SocraticBliss’s User+Kernel implementation, Or Sleirsgoevy User+Kernel+Mira.

Wait, what’s Mira for PS4?

A Jailbroken PS4 is a PS4 on which you have full control. You can think about it as getting “root” access on a computer. However, in itself, it is a very raw experience, practically useless to the end user. Typically, on top of a Jailbreak (or kernel exploit), people want the ability to install and run homebrew, among other things. This kind of functionality is provided by Custom Firmwares (CFW) or Homebrew Enablers (HEN). The distinction between a CFW and a HEN is blurry and sometimes subjective, so in general you can consider that they are pretty much the same thing.

Mira is the PS4’s scene equivalent to a CFW/HEN + a set of additional tools.



More info on Mira here.


SocraticBliss lists the following people for the contributions that led to this release:

Download and/or test PS4 7.02 Kernel exploit

If you download the sources you will have to run them on your own local server and access the page from your PS4 browser. Alternatively, you can access Sleirsgoevy’s work directly from your PS4 browser.

as a reminder, getting kernel access to your PS4 allows you to do a lot of stuff, including permanently damaging it. Use at your own risk.


Looks like this is early Christmas for the PS4 scene!