PlayStation 4: PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store receives a major update with a greatly improved UI & more!

As we all know, homebrew is a central part of console hacking but sometimes, getting homebrew on one’s console can be a tad annoying. However, many hacked consoles receive community-run homebrew stores and the PlayStation 4 is no exception with its own offering just receiving a major update!

What is PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store?

As its name suggests, PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store is a homebrew utility, primarily developed by LightningMods and masterzorag, for hacked PS4 consoles that allows one to directly download and install homebrew on their device. Having been around since 2019, this utility has received updates from time to time in order to add new features such as support for 512×512 icons but now, version 3.0 & 3.1 have dropped which pack in quite a bit of punch!

What do PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store 3.0 & 3.1 bring along?

PlayStation 4: PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store receives a major update with a greatly improved UI & more!

PS4 Homebrew Store has just received a UI make-over making it look much nicer! (Source)

A few days back, PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store 3.0 was released which effectively gave the UI a make-over. As per a release tweet by LightningMods, the updated PS4 Homebrew Store makes use of OpenGL ES 2.0 effectively allowing for hardware-accelerated graphics to be used inside the application itself thus paving the way for the creation of a smoother UI with more eye candy.

Other than stating that OpenGL ES 2.0 is now used within the homebrew utility and showing off the new UI, LightningMods also goes on to state that the PS4 Homebrew Store is still considered to be in a WIP-state meaning that bugs are to be expected here and there. That being said, the developers behind it seem to be taking an active role in providing support as a new version numbered 3.1 was released in order to fix some bugs that users encountered which include crashes upon opening.


You may grab PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store for your hacked PS4 console by following the link below to its GitHub Release Page. If you encounter any issues, you may report them on the PKG-Zone Discord or within the GitHub Issues tab with both being linked below.

PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store 3.1 GitHub Release Page (download link):

PlayStation 4 Homebrew Store GitHub Issues Tab:

PKG-Zone Discord Invite (support if you’re facing any issues):