DUPLEX Makes Dreams Come True in Latest PS4 Scene FPKG Releases!

Yesterday 5 more PS4 FPKGs were added to the latest batch of DUPLEX releases for those with PS4 Jailbroken Consoles, and today they raised the bar once again in the PS4 Scene with another massive drop including Dreams (Dreams PS4 API Proxy & Network Reversing) as outlined below! 🔥

  • Ancestors.The.Humankind.Odyssey.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Ancestors.The.Humankind.Odyssey.Update.v1.01.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Astroneer.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Astroneer.Update.v1.11.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Blair.Witch.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Blair.Witch.Update.v1.02.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Bad.North.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Bad.North.Update.v2.00.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Desert.Child.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Days.Gone.DLC.Unlocker.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Dreams.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Frostpunk.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Frostpunk.Update.v1.02.PS4-DUPLEX
  • PixARK.Update.v1.08.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Road.Redemption.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Road.Redemption.Update.v1.04.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Shenmue.III.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Shenmue.III.Update.v1.05.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Stranded.Deep.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Stranded.Deep.Update.v1.01.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Treadnauts.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Trials.of.Mana.PS4-DUPLEX
  • Trials.of.Mana.Update.v1.01.PS4-DUPLEX

As always, we’ll add the related PS4 NFOs above shortly and be sure to become a Verified Member using the PSXHAX Member Verification & PS4 Fake PKG (FPKG) Sharing Guide by getting a Blue Verified Badge (FAQ in the spoiler HERE) through our PSXHAX Floating Discord Channel to access private or restricted areas for the latest PlayStation 4 FPKG game releases! 🏴‍☠️

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