PSVita: Bounty for porting Android’s Dead Space game @ $200 – Rinnegatamante believes port is possible

With the Vita’s GTA San Andreas port being based on the Android version, the flood gates were opened to porting more Android games to the console thanks to TheFlow’s work. Up till now, Android’s Max Payne has also been ported and other game ports are possible with a Dead Space one also having a notable financial incentive!

Dead Space port bounty shoots up to $200 after 2 days

PSVita: Bounty for porting Android's Dead Space game @ $200 - Rinnegatamante believes port is possible

A Dead Space port for the Vita might become a reality thanks to money being put forward by the community but only time will tell!

In January, TheFloW amazed the Vita community by porting Android’s GTA San Andreas to the Vita through a .so file launcher and creating various patches/hooks. This approach also allowed for other Android games to be ported to the Vita such as Max Payne which was released back in January with GTA Chinatown Wars and Bully: Anniversary Edition ports being in the works. Furthermore, Rinnegamante also created a list detailing which Android games could possibly be ported to the Vita should a competent developer decide to take up such a task which brings us to how the Dead Space bounty came to be.

Being playable on an iPhone 3G from 2008, Dead Space doesn’t exactly have the highest of requirements so the Vita probably wouldn’t struggle in running it! (Image Source)

On March 7th, GitHub user andiweli opened a $15 bounty for a Dead Space port to the Vita which is listed as a potential candidate for porting in Rinnegatamante’s list. While some bounties don’t see much support, this bounty has already skyrocketed to $200 thanks to a generous $155 contribution which will hopefully increase developer interest in porting the game. Released in 2011 for Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS, the game is content with OpenGL ES 1 GPUs and ARMv6 devices such as the iPhone 3G meaning that the Vita should be able to run the game without any performance issues raising more hope of seeing a playable port someday.


For now, all that can be done by Dead Space fans is to wait patiently in order for a developer to start working on a port to the Vita. Even then, a port that runs well and is bug-free is not a piece of cake so despite the financial incentive, it would still be a while till we see anything released. You may check out the bounty itself and other on-going Vita bounties by checking the links below.

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