PS4 Jailbreak (PS4JB) 7.50 / 7.51 / 7.55 Work

Following the 7.50 PS4 Kernel Exploit (KEX) that was confirmed working with 7.51 and 7.55 OFW alongside updates to both AutoBackPort v1.11 and PlayStation 4 Tool Box v2.1.7.30, today @sleirsgoevy (Twitter) implemented @Al Azif‘s (Twitterdynlib_dlsym patch earlier noting it does not seem to fix payloads while recommending scene devs remove line 525 in jb.c (included in the .zip below) and recompile to fix the crash when forking webkit. :geek:

Download: (511 KB) / PS4 Game Firmware Lists / 7.55 PS4 Games List / PS4 Official Firmware (OFW) Archives

As always don’t update your PlayStation 4 Firmware until PS4 Scene developers have time to sort everything out, additional details can be found HERE for those interested and we’ll update this article as progress is made. 🔥

PS4 Jailbreak (PS4JB) 7.50 7.51 7.55 Work In Progress, Don't Update!.jpg