Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars natively ported to the PSVita by TheFlow and Rinnegatamante

Rockstar slammed the door shut on the Vita but the homebrew community had other plans for it when it comes to GTA games. In this article, we’re going to look at a newly-released Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars port for the console marking its 4th native GTA title!

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars released on the PSVita by TheFlow & Rinnegatamante

Initially released in 2009 on the Nintendo DS and later on the PSP, iOS and finally Android, GTA CW is the most recent title in the series’ handheld game range.

Feel like trying a different GTA game on your Vita? TheFlow’s and Rinnegatamante’s new port have you covered 😉 (Source: GTA CW Vita GitHub Repo)

Set apart by cel-shaded graphics, a 2.5D perspective and unique gameplay mechanics, the game received excellent reviews upon review although its sales were lower than expected but that didn’t hinder it from gathering a significant fanbase.

Shifting focus to the PSVita port, it is based on the game’s Android version which was released in late 2014 and uses TheFlow’s Android->PSVita porting technique. In this technique, the binary for the Android version of a game is loaded in memory, has its functions patched with equivalents that can run on the PSVita and then has extra patches to provide an experience tailored for the console. As a result of this, to run the game, you must supply data files from the Android version which you are expected to obtain legitimately other than simply installing the VPK as the game’s still being sold.

For those scratching their head over whether they should play this newly-released native port or the PSP port, the primary difference is that this port has higher resolution graphics and is based on the Android version. The latter difference means that it doesn’t contain all the content from the PSP version although there are 2 potentially unlockable DLC missions as explained by Reddit user TheSmio.


You may grab GTA Chinatown Wars for the Vita by following the link below to its GitHub repository which also contains installation instructions. Data files from GTA CW for Android v1.04 are required by the port.

GTA Chinatown Wars for the Vita GitHub README (installation instructions and more information):

GTA Chinatown Wars for the Vita download link:



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