PS4 release: “i-PUsh-bUTtons-I-SHoUldT” payload helps you get out of IDU Mode, by Al-Azif

Developer Al-Azif has released a payload to Exit IDU Mode for a Jailbroken PS4.

What is IDU Mode?

IDU Stands for Individual Display Unit. When your console is in IDU mode, it is considered as being used as a Kiosk/Demo model, and comes with associated limitations. Once you get into IDU mode, it is by default difficult, if not impossible, to get out of this mode.

The release by Al-Azif will allow people to get out of this mode, if they got stuck in it due to some manipulation problem or other cause. Yeah, we know, you just got your PS4 Jailbroken, couldn’t help to try a bunch of cool debug stuff, and got stuck in IDU. It happens…

Download and run “Exit IDU” i-PUsh-bUTtons-I-SHoUldT payload

You can download the exit IDU payload here.


To run, here’s what Al-Azif says:

Should “turn off” when it’s done, just hold the power button after the screen turns off. When you turn it back on you should be out of IDU mode.