Latest PSL1GHT developments (PS3 OpenSDK) in 2020

There has been various people who have made improvements to psl1ght (the open source PS3SDK) in 2020 and developer @bucanero has certainly been leading that charge improving psl1ght with various implementations and additions. If you have been keeping a watch in the forum here at psx-place or some of our tweets you know dev has been busy. Added in recent we have seen unRAR library, followed by a un7zip library , then following by ar/tar.gz/tar.bz2 complete library’s and libnfs/liborbisNfs library’s and then to follow ibsmb2 SMBv2/v3 lib We have also seen developer @bucanero recently update Ps3LoadX (a tool originally created by Hermes (aka Estwald) in 3.55 era for developers to test code) to bring support for the latest PSL1GHT and Tiny3d code for latest firmware. We have also seen the developer create various homebrew PS3 Projects like the Apollo Save Tool which just seen a recent update to v1.4.0.

Other devs have made contributions that need a shoutout as well to developer @tps (also created PS3-Kara, a recent Karaoke app for the PS3) has also added to PSL1GHT: filesystem libraries for exFat support with a released lib and test file manager. (note Some apps like IRISMAN have adopted this support) Then we have seen developer @Crystal who has also made contributions to PSL1ght and you can see in the “guide” tab his recommendation and changes made to PSl1ght for compiling homebrew in 2020 and also bucanero has a great guide for setting up the PS3 Toolchain on a macOS so we have some recent resources from several devs that are advancing the OpenSDK



Shoutout to @sandungas for the assist :)