[PS3 XMB MOD] Now have Individual Gameboots for each emulator / system / homebrew launched

If you have an exploited PS3 and have been following some of the progress that @DeViL303 has made with XMB modding ,then you already know about some of these great project’s the xmb mod developer has been working on lately. For those of you new to his work, some recent mods from DeViL303 include Ultimate Toolbox and Pixel Art possibilities and many more from the past . Now the developer has taken on enhancing the Gameboot animation when launching content from the PS3’s XMB. Having the same boring sequence for all your content simply won’t cut it anymore. Now with webMAN MOD helping fuel the concept we now have the ability to set individual Gameboots per content such as bringing back those iconic start-ups from the PS1 and PS2 or having the system startups for your favorite retro roms. Well now you have that ability and more with the latest release from @DeViL303 and the latest update to webMAN MOD from @aldostools that helps power the concept the two have been working on the past several weeks seen here in the psx-place forums (here) ​


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    via @DeViL303

    Here are the files for Multi Gameboot Mod . This includes all the gameboots seen in the video above, and also I animated the Atari gameboot too.

    Installation is the same as usual.

    • Put the custom_render_plugin.rco on flash in dev_blind/vsh/resource/
    • Put the rest of the files inside dev_hdd0/tmp/gameboot/
    • You need the very latest webMAN installed and running. You can get that HERE.

    Keep in mind this is still a work in progress and could have bugs etc, When it is a bit more polished I will add an option to install these files in Ultimate Toolbox, and maybe even make a standalone installer.​

    via @aldostools (1)

    The latest build of webMAN MOD now supports the Multi Gameboot Mod

    Download: https://github.com/aldostools/webMAN-MOD/releases
    Or: https://store.brewology.com/ahomebrew.php?brewid=310
    Or use the built-in updater.

    1- webMAN MOD’s FTP now support short path aliases:
    Use ftp://192.168.xx.xx/res to mount /dev_blind & access /dev_blind/vsh/resource
    Use ftp://192.168.xx.xx/tmp to go to folder /dev_hdd0/tmp

    Other aliases are: /cov, /cvr, /pkg, /xmb, /xml, /PS3ISO, /GAMES, /ROMS, /BLES80608, etc.

    2- In the folder /dev_hdd0/tmp/gameboot you can add media files ***_ICON1.PAM, ***_SND0.AT3, ***_PIC0.PNG, ***_PIC1.PNG, ***_PIC2.PNG. The example provided by DeViL303 only includes ***_PIC1.PNG

    *** is the 3 letter code of the emulator: rom, sns, nes, gba, gby, gen, neo, mam, fba, pce, ata, cmd, ids.​


Download: Multi_Gameboot_Mod_v1.12.zip

Source (discussion): psx-place.com/….