PSP Release: Despertar Del Cementerio 9.00, with PSP 3000 03g and TA-088v3 compatibility. Bring your PSP back from the dead.

(pictures shamelessly taken from PSP scene veteran Freakler)

Developer balika011 has released an update to Despertar Del Cementerio, the popular PSP unbricking tool. This new version, based on DDC7 source code and some heavy reverse engineering of DDC8, brings compatibility to the infamous TA88v3 motherboards, as well as the first generation of PSP 3000 (03g). This follows impressive releases of a new kind of Pandora battery (Baryon Sweeper) that supports the PSP models historically known as tough nuts to crack.

It’s exciting to see breakthroughs like this for a console that stopped production years ago, thanks to the dedication of a handful of hackers.

What is Despertar Del Cementerio 9 for PSP

Despertar Del Cementerio (DDC) is basically an unbricking tool and utility to install either an official firmware or custom firmware on your PSP. Used in conjunction with a Pandora battery or Baryon sweeper, it lets you bring a bricked PSP back from the dead, and/or install a permanent custom firmware on it. From the Readme of DDC9:

This project is a continuation of the M33 Team’s work with using modern technics and exploits. The main advatage over their version is this version supports 03g and the infamous TA-088v3. In theory the bootrom exploit used should work on any PSP hardware ever released, however 5.00 firmware only supports 01g, 02g, 03g.

The source code in this repositry is based on Despertar del Cementerio 7, 3.90 M33 published by Mathieulh and a lot of reverse engineering of DC8 and 5.00 M33. The psptools folder is used to encrypt and sign the built modules, a modified version of Infinity psptools.

Thanks to:

  • M33 Team Developers (Dark_Alex, adrahil, Mathieulh)
  • Mathieulh for answering my questions and rubberducking
  • Davee for 03g bootrom dump and psptools.

Download and run DDC9 for PSP

You can download DDC9 on the Developer’s github here.

This will be in particular useful if you are stuck with an “unbrickable” PSP 3000 or 2000 model. Those can also pretty much easily be found on eBay for cheap, as the general population still hasn’t realized these tools are available. But for those recent models, the original Pandora Battery will not do, you’ll need Baryon Sweeper.



From the Readme:

This is the first release of Despertar del Cementerio under my development.

It supports all of the PSP-100x, PSP-200x and the first generation (03g) of PSP-300x PSPs.
To use it you have to extract the TM folder from the release zip to the root of your memory stick then inject the msipl.bin to your memory stick.
To do that injection you can use multiple software. There are the tested and working ones:

To boot it up from the memory stick you need to boot your PSP to service mode.
You can achieve that by:

  • Using a “Pandora battery” PSP-100x and PSP-200x
  • Using BaryonSTM on PSP-100x, PSP-200x and 03g PSP-300x
  • Using Baryon Sweeper on PSP-100x, PSP-200x and 03g PSP-300x

rainsipl.exe known to NOT work with some memory sticks.
It states that the injection was successful, but the IPL isn’t written and if you check the logs you see an “not enough memory space” error.

source: balika011