PS3 4.88 Update is Live

Sony official update v4.88 is live!

– This system software update improves system performance.

Compiled date:
– 2021/04/12

– Don’t update until further information, exploits could have been patched.

– If you are concerned about not being banned, do not use any type of spoof or proxy until further firmware researches are done to check if the authentication method has changed.

Update 1:


Update 2:​


(Only experienced users with a hardware flasher and nand backup)

HFW 4.88

Tested on:

  • CECH21XX
  • CECH25XX
  • CECH30XX
  • CECH42XX


MD5: 23F60BAF3C3D38BC77AA452E770D1248


No Official HEN is available yet.
(You won’t be able to launch your Homebrews and Game Backups)