[CXMB Theme] – OrbisPSP CTF Theme v6.60/v6.61

Welcome to:
For the Sony PSP(PlayStation(R)Portable) Handheld Console!

This is a specially designed theme to customize the XMB UI to look like a PS3 in a portable form. Though this will NOT actually convert your PSP into a PS3, this theme gives it that look that makes it impressive to not only you but as well to impress your friends.

This theme has a few cool neat features that compared to other similar themes that change the XMB UI to look similar to a PS3 this one changes everything and as well receives updates to improve, change and fix broken features that may occur at any unexpected times.

This theme cannot be used in Adrenaline on a PSVita due a common bug that prevent CXMB to be loaded and causes the XMB Menu to crash this is a common issue for most or all CXMB based themes. (However their are workaround this but we will not explain it in this thread)


– PS3 Original Wave Style Background.

– Latest PS3 stock coldboot animation on every boot up of your PSP.

– Custom gameboot animation that has a PSVita vibe to it and a vibrant design.

– Unique option menu re-haul such as when you want to delete a game it will say “Uninstall” instead of “Delete” and the option menu background is now a transparent black tint color.

– Many changes to wording on the UI.

– The Web Browser now loads on the Memory Stick using the CXMB Theme as the file system instead of loading it via flash0 you’ll see it load when the Memory Stick Indicator is flashing upon selection.

– Support for PSP Firmware v6.60 & v6.61.

Installation Instructions:

Before getting started, ensure you have the correct CXMB plugin built for the corresponding firmware your planning to use this CTF based theme, if you fail to install the correct CXMB plugin, the theme will not show up or show up as corrupted.

To install just move the CTF of the firmware your on (no worries they are labeled in the ctf theme name) to this path “ms0:/PSP/THEME/” if your on a PSP Go it will be the same path but different filesystem name like this “ef0:/PSP/THEME/”

Download: https://mega.nz/folder/C09E1YQJ#W7MGaU1pyB1sDmUTto8zvw

Important Notice: Due to the previous thread not allowing me to re-add a new link to the folder instead of the file, this thread was forced to be made and their is nothing i can do about it thanks!