PS4: Ghost of Tsushima 60 FPS Patch (video + instructions)

Developer Illusion has released an unofficial 60 FPS Patch for Ghost of Tsushima. We’ve mentioned this work before, but since then, Illusion has released a new video showcasing the game running at a good 50~60fps. Instructions on how to apply the patch below!

Ghost of Tsushima running at 60 FPS on PS4 Pro (video)

Note: According to the developer, this only really works on PS4 Pro. On the regular/slim PS4s, some graphical glitches prevent an enjoyable experience.


Download and install the 60 FPS Patch for Ghost of Tsushima (PS4 pro only)

You can get the patch lines on illusion’s github here.

How to patch a PS4 game

You’ll need a hacked PS4 in order to run such modified games. To patch the game, there’s basically four steps:

  1. Extract the eboot from the package file
  2. modify the eboot with a hex editor (on windows I personally use XVI32 but there are dozens of alternatives, pick what works for you)
  3. Repack the eboot into the package
  4. Install the package like any other normal game (on your hacked PS4)

For steps 1 and 3 (extracting and repacking the eboot) ModdedWarfare has a great video explaining the details, that you can check below.

For step 2 (modifying the binary), you’ll want to open the eboot.bin with any hex editor. Find the string to replace (usually denoted as “F” for “find”) and replace it with the patched string (often denoted as “R” for replace).



Step 4 (installing the modified package on your PS4) should be self explanatory if you’ve been running a hacked PS4.


Source: Illusion on Reddit