LibSceUtils for PS4: PlayStation 4 PRX Library by MrReekoFTWxD

Since the PS4 DevKit Leak earlier this month, @MrReeko (aka MrReekoTV on Twitter / MrReekoFTWxD on Twitch) recently updated his Github repository with libSceUtils which is a PlayStation 4 PRX (PPU Relocatable eXecutable) driver module library for PS4 Scene homebrew developers to utilize in their projects. :geek:

Download: / GIT

If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, check out MrReeko’s YouTube Channel or drop by the MR Community Discord Channel<3

This comes after the PS4 Notify Function Reverse-EngineeringOrbis Suite / OrbisFTP and PS4 Mono UI Research / Orbis Toolbox by @oldschoolmodzhd (aka OSM-Made / LegendaryOSM on Twitter) for those following, with more details from the README.mdlibSceUtils

PS4 PRX library with some useful additions


  • Visual Studio 2015+
  • Sony PS4 4.00 *** or newer


  1. Download the latest release from Release
  2. Put libSceUtils.a in C:\Program Files (x86)\SCE\ORBIS ***s\4.000\target\lib\
  3. Put SceUtils folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\SCE\ORBIS ***s\4.000\target\include
  4. Add #include <SceUtils\SceUtils.h> into your project


  • System
    • File Systems
      • Write/Read File
      • Make Directory
      • Check if file/directory Exist
    • Notification
      • Notication with Custom icon (Provided from PS4-Notify)
    • IME
      • Keyboard
      • Dialog
  • INI
    • Create/Read INI files
  • Strings
    • va
    • char* to wchar*
  • Detours
    • Hooking/Restoring for sprx projects
  • vec/vec2/vec3/vec4

Cheers to MSZ_MGS on Twitter for passing along the news earlier on this! 🍻

LibSceUtils for PS4 PlayStation 4 PRX Library by MrReekoFTWxD.jpg