DevBkit- CFW/HEN 2.0

-DevBkit-.ISO :grin: (CFW/HEN)

-I’ve been working hard on an ISO that contains everything.
Apps Kit, Hombrew´s kit, emulator´s kit, customization kit, plugins kit, firmware´s kit, utilities´s kit and a kit of configurations made by me quite extensive. (This iso weighs 8gb)

Special thanks to my OpenScene community and especially to Maikel for the help with photoshop.

This new version is available in Spanish and English.
It also added the PS3Lock plugin with its necessary files and their respective activators.
I also added tools to edit coldboots and .rco files, in addition to everything necessary to install linux on PS3 within DEVBKIT2PC

-(For both CFW and HEN)

It even contains a small pc toolkit that can be moved to a folder inside the ps3 for later download via FTP: (dev_hdd0/game/DEVBKIT2PC).
(I clarify this last because it is the only thing that is out of the norm)
-I accept suggestions in case I forget something.

-In each section I added a short description and instruction on how to run it and what to do next.

-If you notice errors, comment it on this post.

-I want to clarify that this .iso file does not contain any type of piracy, only content collected from this website organized and packaged so that it can be quickly consumed by people without much knowledge of the matter.

It is available in 2 languages:



This image.iso contains:

-Simple File Manager 0.5.2
-APOLLO Save Tool (c1.4.0)
-Audio Game Installer (CFW) (CEX) (4.82-4.84-4.85-4.86)
(Audio Over BT and USB) (Requires Reboot)
-Audio Game Installer (HEN) (4.86)
(Audio Over BT and USB) (Requires Reboot)
-Movian v5.0.546
-Movian Disc Access 11.00
-PS3 Flix and TV Lists
(Look in: dev_hdd0 / game / DEVBKIT2PC / TV Movian)
-Twitch NoPSN v3.03
-YouTube NoPSN v3.03
-Netflix NoPSN v2.29
-Control FAN Utility (old)
-Control FAN Utility (4.86)
-MultiMan 4.82
-MultiMan 4.85
-50 MultiMan by DEVBKIT Themes (1Gb) Route: BLES80608 / USRDIR / themes
-MultiMan Configuration By DEVBKIT
(1st Load MultiMan and agree on terms) (2nd exit and install)
-Original MultiMan By DEVBKIT Configuration
(Returns to MultiMan as standard)
-ManaGunz v1.38
-File Manager v1.38
-IrisMan 4.86
-WebMan Mod v1.47.30
-PS2 Config (webman)
-PSP Remasters Launcher (webman)
-PSP Minis Launcher (webman)
-ROMS pkg Launcher (webman)
-PrepISO v1.27 (webman)
-PrepNTFS v1.19
-Dev Blind vFinal
-Reload XMB
-Advanced Power Options v1.11
-Extended Download Plugin v1.00
-Podcast Enabler
-Mamba PRX Loader (4.84.2)
-CcApi 2.80 Rev7 (4.86)
(DO NOT Install in HEN)
-Artemis PS3-GUI
-SEN Enabler v6.2.6
-PSNpatch 2017
-PSNinja V4
-Install All Plugins
(Requires Reboot)
-Activate ONLY WebMan Plugin
(Requires Reboot)
-Activate ONLY Sen Enabler Plugin
(Requires Reboot)
-Activate Plugin Sen Enabler and Plugin WebMan
(Requires Reboot)
-Enable Plugin Sen Enabler, Plugin WebMan
and PS3Lock Plugin
(Requires Reboot)
-Activate ONLY Plugin POC Screenshot
(Requires Reboot)
-Activate ONLY Plugin POC Recording Screen
(Requires Reboot)
-Activate ONLY XPAD Plugin
(Requires Reboot)
-Activate All Plugins
(Watch out)
(Requires Reboot)
(Load game-In main menu Button:
PS + R1 + O-Wait10sec and Select)
(Requires Reboot)
-PS3Lock 0.92 Installer Updater
-Files For The PS3Lock Plugin
(Please connect USB before installation)
(Closest to the floppy drive)
-Activate ONLY PS3Lock Plugin
(Requires Reboot)
-Deactivate All Plugins
(Requires Reboot)
-HEN TOOLBOX (v1.00 4.86)
-Menu DH Native (4.86) (HFW) (HEN)
-HAN Official ToolBox (Old) (HFW) (HEN)
-HAN Toolbox 0.10 Unofficial Singed (HFW) (HEN)
-Latest HEN Installer 3.0.1 Singed (HFW)
-HEN.BIN For HEN Installation
(Please connect USB before installation)
(Closest to the floppy drive)
-StoreHaxx DUMP IDPS and PSID Method
(Please connect USB before installation)
(Closest to the floppy drive)
-HFW 4.86.1 (UPDATE)
(Please connect USB before installation)
(Closest to the floppy drive)
(Please connect USB before installation)
(Closest to the floppy drive)
-REBUG TOOLBOX (02.03.04)
(Please connect USB before installation)
(Closest to the floppy drive)
-REBUG TOOLBOX (02.03.02)
-MinVerCheck (Determine your lowest Firmware version) (Connect USB before installation)
(Closest to the floppy drive)
-Remove the Epilepsy Warning
(Requires Reboot)
-Return the Original Epilepsy Notice
(Requires Reboot)
(Folder For Necessary Files and To Copy To PC)
(Path: dev_hdd0 / game / DEVKIT2PC)
-ISO Personalization
(Load from Launcher)
(Path: dev_hdd0 / PS3ISO)
-ISO From Homebrew’s
(Load from Launcher)
(Path: dev_hdd0 / PS3ISO)
-ISO Emulators
(Load from Launcher)
(Path: dev_hdd0 / PS3ISO)

-Installation Instructions:

  • Download and transfer ISO file to dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/
  • Mount with your favorite manager, like an ISO game
  • Navigate on -DevBkit.ISO, choose yours
  • Install press X and answer YES, wait to XMB return.

In future versions I will update content that is updated over time, and I will add future improvements.

We also wish to thank all the ps3 community hackers/devs,
past & present,who directly or indirectly helped us put this project together, you know who you are…

By: :grin: DevB :grin:


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